Each year, Small Business Week gives small business owners the opportunity to flex some muscle and show consumers what they have to offer. With more small businesses competing for attention, it’s important that getfollowersandlikes take every chance they have to get the word out.“While advancements in technology have certainly made communication easier in many regards, they have also brought buy likes for instagram some unique problems,” says Drew Hendricks, CEO of Infographics.Space. “While the Internet is a great tool for engaging customers in content and conversation, it’s also added noise. Instead of merely manning the phone lines and answering emails, organizations must respond to social media posts on dozens of different networks and outlets, seek out customer testimonials, and produce fresh content on a regular basis.”This year during Small Business Week, small businesses should focus on ramping up their marketing efforts through personalization. As popular as these efforts are for larger organizations, local businesses can gain an edge by including information specific to local events and issues with their customer interactions. Here are three major areas of concentration that can provide a big boost to a business’s bottom line.
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