When safe and natural pet products aren't: What's really going into your dog, anyway?

There's nothing that gets me grumpier than pet products that claim to be "natural" seem to contain synthetic and potentially unsafe ingredients when you start......
  • DOGthusiast
    DOGthusiast 17 hours ago
    Indeed! SLS is a really bad one, I can't believe it's "ok" to put natural on the label. I really hope there's some kind of movement to put rules around how it can be marketed. WOW - that is great to hear of the stores cracking down and helping consumers in this crazy market. Love to hear that!
  • Bethany of Cascadian Nomads
    Bethany of... 23 hours ago
    Lauryl Sulfates are another I see all the time in "natural" products, for humans and canines. Arg. Educating yourself matters but I have also found that having a retailer to trust not to sell products with misleading labels helps. We are SO lucky to have three truly natural pet stores doing a whole lot of the ingredient research for us within walking distance!
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    Travel Blogger's Toolkit #15 - A Facebook Ad Experiment for Likes

    As most of you know, getting Facebook likes on your blog's page.  There's a natural reluctancy to give away likes freely on FB because most people are afraid of spam......
  • Revati & Charles Victor
    Revati &... 1 day ago
    I wasn't getting results by targeting the UK or USA so I went local and tried to catch India where I got quantity, just no quality.
  • Will Tang @ Going Awesome Places
    Will Tang @ Going... 1 day ago
    Ah I see! I don't think I've seen any of those yet. What region are you targeting?
  • Revati & Charles Victor
    Revati &... 1 day ago
    Fake accounts in my book is Celeb pics as profile display pictures, a smattering of random friends, celebrity or unreal names, screenshots from films or silly quotes as the only content ever shared.
  • Will Tang @ Going Awesome Places
    Will Tang @ Going... 1 day ago
    Yeah I haven't quite figured out the Philippines thing yet. When you talk about fake FB accounts, how do you know they're fake? No activity on their wall at all? I haven't really looked into all my followers.
  • Revati & Charles Victor
    Revati &... 1 day ago
    Great post! The Philippines thing is insane though, because I've seen a massive number of bloggers from the Philippines in groups and things, but you don't really see too much content coming from there. Strange phenomenon indeed. And then there's the not connected to option, which is great, but I've found I tend to get a lot of likes from fake accounts in my country after running a campaign. Have you had any such experience?
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    You're Not Crazy, You're Just Menopausal

    The other day while driving home from work, I drove over the railroad tracks in the middle of town and smelled McDonald’s french fries! No, not Burger King or......
  • Bren Lee
    Bren Lee 1 day ago
    LOL Bruce! She in my club? Get used to it. I hear it can last for years!
  • Bruce Sallan
    Bruce Sallan 1 day ago
    Oh, you know my wife do you?!
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    Listen Up Leaders: We Are All Millennials

    A lot of digital ink has been spilled regarding Millennials and how they are reshaping and reordering the workplace.  I’m happy to report that ink has not been......
  • Meghan M. Biro
    Meghan M. Biro 1 day ago
    Thanks Jon! Moving beyond buzzwords and popular trends is important. When you look closely at the millennial data we find we are more similar than different. Why set up roadblocks to more adoption? Leaders face enough challenge on a daily basis. Cheers Mr.
  • Jon Mertz
    Jon Mertz 1 day ago
    Great points, Meghan. Change happens all the time, and each generation plays a role in driving it and embracing change that matters most for better workplaces and communities. Thanks!
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    The #ShoutAbout Conversation

    Strategic learning and positioning begins with conversation.Three important results from contributing and listening to others:They feel heard and that people want......
  • Jess Dewell
    Jess Dewell 1 day ago
    Thank you Alli! It's a fun project to do - and I'm glad you find it valuable to share - woot!
  • Alli Polin
    Alli Polin 1 day ago
    Love this pic of you!! (and happy to share)
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    Foreign coin magnets DIY

    On my trip this year I amassed quite the collection of coins from around the place. I always like to keep one or two coins or a small bank note from the places I go, so......
  • Olivia Peters
    Olivia Peters 7 hours ago
    Thanks, guys! Glad you liked it :)
  • World Wide Vegetarian
    World Wide... 24 hours ago
    me too! all of mine are sitting in a random jar currently...
  • Dale Davies
    Dale Davies 1 day ago
    That's such a smart idea ^_^ Love it
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    Blogging: 10 tips for your audience growth strategy

    Blogging: 10 tips for your audience growth strategy Having an audience is vital to the success of your business blog. If you are trying to write posts that appeal to......
  • Patricia Weber
    Patricia Weber 1 day ago
    Doing most but thinking more consistency needed. In particular I rarely remember to post/share to Google+. All 10 great.
  • Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph 1 day ago
    Hi Sarah,

    #8 REALLY vibes with me. Fab insight!

    Be you. I love it when folks read guest posts of mine - without knowing I wrote them - and say, they know it's me. Well done, RB.

    It's no chore either. Being your authentic, unique self is the quickest, easiest and most direct route to become uber successful on the blogging front. It's fun to do this, and it's quite cheap too; no need to force anything. If you're being you, this audience growth bit happens quite naturally, and traffic flows freely to you.

    I'm a fan of recounting my travel stories, and linking these stories to my blogging tips. This is how I've retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging and it's also how I've churned out 8 eBooks recently. The secret is to relax, chill, and to simply be you, writing without fearing criticism, or writing without imitating your neighbor.

    You definitely have YOUR voice Sarah, and I dig it.

    Tweeting from Fiji.

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    #Howto Use Twitter Advanced Search for Business #smm

    This week's #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to use Twitter Advanced Search to find new connections to follow, relevant conversations to engage with and how to......
  • Jacob Curtis
    Jacob Curtis 2 days ago
    Thanks, Brian! I thought the part about using Advanced Search against your competitors was especially awesome. Idea came to me while I was making the tutorial haha.
  • Brian Fanzo
    Brian Fanzo 2 days ago
    Great stuff as always!
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    The First Step To Decluttering Your Life by @MonicaRicci

    Photo Credit: ali edwards via Compfight cc   by Monica Ricci | Featured Contributor  In addition to my full time productivity and speaking business I, along with my......
  • Melissa Stewart
    Melissa Stewart 2 days ago
    Mine doesn't look like this either Brian. You are not alone :)
  • Brian Fanzo
    Brian Fanzo 2 days ago
    My Office doesn't look anything like this... So jealous!
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    10 Proven Ways to Create a Social Media Plan for Bloggers

    This is a guest post from Nisha Pandey, who is a blogger and a digital marketer and also the winner of the Aha!NOW guest post giveaway by virtue of topping the ABC......
  • Harleena Singh
    Harleena Singh 1 day ago
    Thanks Ryan - she sure did, and I am glad you liked it too :)
  • Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph 1 day ago
    Harleena, Nisha did a fine job hitting on key social marketing tips. Tweeting.
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    Sleepy Hollow Review: Love Triangles + Warlock Time Out

    Oh, so now we’re starting to see something intriguing with Katrina. My last post about the Ichabod + Katrina ship (or, Ichitrina, as I like to call it) hit the nail on......
  • Alesha Escobar
    Alesha Escobar 2 days ago
    I know the feeling! I'd be missing it if I didn't have Hulu.
  • Samantha LaFantasie
    Samantha LaFantasie 2 days ago
    I can't get enough of the show. Sadly, I keep missing out on it. :( I'm looking into getting dish back so we can save money, get more channels (including ones for the kids), and record our shows so we can watch when our schedule allows. I hate missing my shows!
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    Easy Apple Cranberry Crisp

    I'll be honest, when I first saw this recipe as a choice to make for my Allrecipes assignment this month, I was not sure it would turn out.  The recipe comes......
  • Patty Anderson
    Patty Anderson 2 days ago
    Gave this lots of love Renee!
  • Renee Paj
    Renee Paj 2 days ago
    I am adding them manually. While I know they won't show up when the article is tweeted, having a photo attached helps others to see it and therefore it receives better interaction. IDK why some ppl's photos load and others do not. No one on Triberr ever answered my emails or the bonfire I started with the question, except for one random person who left information that was incorrect. It's a shame really, because photos are such a huge part of blogging and if this platform intends on helping bloggers, the photos of all feeds should show. Anyway, thanks so much for the compliments on this photo, and yeah, every time I see it, I want to make it again! haha I think I ended up eating most of it when I made it! haha
  • Marion Myers
    Marion Myers 2 days ago
    Every time I see this I get a craving for apple crisp! Looks sooo good! Are your pics showing up now, or are you still having to upload them?!
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    Content Marketing: A Cheat Sheet For Content Marketing Hacks

      An infographic and guest post by my colleague, Russel Cooke Optimizing your work on social media means looking at the format of each of your platforms and making sure......
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie
    Sue Anne Dunlevie 1 day ago
    Thanks SO much for letting me know, Brian. I have my web guy on this now.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Brian D. Hawkins
    Brian D. Hawkins 1 day ago
    Yep, I'm not seeing the graphics either Sue. I don't even see your header image or your "about" photo in the sidebar. I'm getting a "Forbidden" message when I try to open images in a new tab so it might be the permissions in your wp-content/uploads folders. Just guessing, it's not my expertise. ;)
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie
    Sue Anne Dunlevie 2 days ago
    Hi, Donald,

    I'll check it out - I had trouble with it this morning and thought it was fixed. I'll go fix it right now.

    Thanks for letting me know!
  • Donald McLeman
    Donald McLeman 2 days ago
    Hi, Sue, just a heads up, I couldn't see the infographic in my broswers, is the link broken?
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    Buffer Adds Brilliant Scheduling Piece for Bloggers

    If you've read my checklist for promoting new blog posts, you know that as soon as you publish a new post to your blog, you're supposed to promote that post to all of......
  • Dorien Morin van Dam
    Dorien Morin van... 1 day ago
    The only problem I am having is that if you want to modify a tweet, it will not carry through to the new scheduler! Say you want to add an hashtag, or add something to the link... that will not show up so you have to manually make those changes for each tweet.
  • Neal Schaffer
    Neal Schaffer 2 days ago
    Awesome stuff Mike - thanks for sharing!
  • Lilah
    Lilah 2 days ago
    I am just now starting to use Buffer, so I am still getting the hang on it. This new feature makes me excited to really get my feet wet.
  • Brian Fanzo
    Brian Fanzo 2 days ago
    Love this new feature... I was stoked as soon as I saw the update!
  • Lloyd Evaroa
    Lloyd Evaroa 2 days ago
    I like the sound of this. I really like buffer due to the design, plenty of negative space to make navigating around easy.
  • Kenna Griffin
    Kenna Griffin 2 days ago
    I LOVE Buffer. I seriously couldn't have social media productivity without it.
  • @ywnh
    @ywnh 3 days ago
    Sounds like a really valuable new tool. I am just starting to use a scheduling tool for my social networking and post sharing. Buffer looked easier for me to focus on my content message. This will likely just make me an even bigger fan.
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