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The France 2022 home football shirt is predominantly dark blue with white logos.

As in 2018, when Les Bleus emulated the heroes of 1998 by capturing the nation’s second global crown, the federation will play with a red band stretching proudly across the chest of its home kit to signify fraternity.

In addition to the red band, France’s new home jersey takes its lead from the iconic marinière design with blue stripes flowing horizontally over a darker blue base. The pattern is broken by the singular red stripe, which shoots prominently across the chest. Above the stripe is the FFF crest and a Nike Swoosh, and a squad number sits below.

It's a modern reinterpretation of the iconic 1998 original, which in itself was already a tribute to the 1984 Euro shirt.

The shorts of the France home kit 2022 are dark blue, the socks are red.

Both home and away carry the motto of the French Republic – “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” – tucked away inside the shirt as an inner pride feature, plus a retro FFF logo printed across the calf of each sock. Both kits also feature an exclusive font inspired by typography found at an institute of book history in Lyon.

Kylian Mbappé(Les Bleus forward)? “I think two years ago we brought the country together, just like back in 1998. Now we will wear a red stripe on our shirt just like they did. That was a great team, which created a legacy. Now is the time for us to keep striving to be the best and create one of our own.”
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