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Hello, my name is Robert. I am the founder . This is an online platform that allows you to compare and find financial and insurance products for Ukraine. We offer credit cards issued by all banks of Ukraine, including regular and premium, as well as cashback without commission from VISA/Mastercard payment systems.
We offer the most up-to-date banking products, offers from MFOs and insurance companies, as well as private pension funds. Comparison of banks and calculators for deposits or loans, online banking, rating exchange rates, plastic cards on one financial platform.
We want users to get the data they need to make informed decisions. They should have the information necessary to make informed decisions and assess the cost of financial services. Vipcredit covers all products and services related to investments, financial management and cryptocurrencies, as well as personal guidance.
The complexity of products and services in the financial sector can make it difficult to understand their rules and regulations. Customers will be able to make an informed choice if all information is disclosed.
Concealment of official information about the physical address and location of the company is not allowed. Hide information about additional fees. Hide links to status or accreditation confirmation pages if hyperlinks to other government agencies or organizations are indicated.
Here you can find great deals on online credit cards in Ukraine. Microloans are quick payday loans without income certificates and guarantors. You can take a loan around the clock 24/7 without refusal, without checking your credit history, without calls and passport photos. It is extremely important that it be profitable, because these are short-term or long-term loans that can be used for any consumer purposes. Using bank promotions (promo codes) offering preferential terms, but only for a short period of time. Vipcredit in ua has all the information you need to apply for an online loan.
To apply for a Vipcredit microloan is simple:
In the fields on the left, enter the amount, the term and click "Choose a loan". Look in the box to find lenders that provide urgent loans online. Click "More Details" to see a more detailed calculation of payment for the tariff you are interested in. On the website of the microfinance organization that opens, you will need to specify your personal and passport data, as well as contact information.
Is it possible to be sure that the bank you have chosen will give a positive answer? You can submit an online application for a micro-loan to any bank or MFO. Just follow the instructions with each request.
The decision will be made by the bank. It will take from 15 minutes to 1 hour. In most cases, a phone call will be followed by a text message or email.
People working on development - these are highly qualified credit specialists and experts with many years of experience working on digital projects. We have partnerships with numerous financial and insurance companies. Thousands of Ukrainians have been our regular customers since 2015.
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