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How to reduce anxiety in everyday life

Look for the cause of anxiety
Anxiety cannot be ignored. The most common cause is thoughts about the future. If you have imagined a negative scenario, think about how you would act in such a situation that would help you deal with it. That way you will know that you can cope with possible difficulties, and therefore there is no reason to worry.

According to Stoic philosophy, all phenomena in the world are divided into those that are controllable and those that are beyond human control. The Stoics believe that it is pointless to worry about things beyond our control and it is better to direct all our energies and attention to the things we control. "Of the things that exist, some are in our power, others are not. In our power are opinion, aspiration, desire, evasion - in a word, everything that is ours," states Epictetus in A Short Guide to the Moral Life.

Turn your attention to your body
Experts from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) say that physical activity helps a person reduce anxiety. When you exercise, you are focused on your physical state and all resources are focused on maintaining it. A single workout can help alleviate symptoms for a few hours, and regular exercise can significantly reduce them over time.

Reduce alerts
Frequent use of gadgets can be a factor in an anxious state. You find yourself stressed if there are constant alerts on your phone. Leave only the most important ones - other chats, news resources can simply be checked periodically.

Do the maths and get creative
If anxiety prevents you from doing your usual activities, re-task your brain. This could be doing physics or maths exercises or playing chess or writing some kind of essay. You can count backwards in your mind or add and multiply random numbers.
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