Never regret the losses that are inevitable when playing blackjack. This will happen regardless of your desire, you can only minimize losses by adhering to some tips. Recognize that casino-dominated games allow you to win, but you will also lose.
Applying a strategy such as card counting can reduce losses. Adhere to the principle of reality at any time during the game at the table, because more often you will lose. Exercise your mind and work on self-discipline to always stay calm.
You can take advantage of the game’s practical tips by reading about the doubling strategy.

Another “good” way to experience big losses or cause a series of setbacks is to lose control of your emotions when things go the way you would not want to. Winning blackjack is not immediate, so an increase in bets on a loss is likely to lead to an increase in losses. Before disappointment from the game knocks you out of a state of calm, take a break in your game - leave the table or even the casino.
Instead of thinking about your victories and defeats in terms of cash costs, evaluate your experience in terms of other benefits received. Of course, this is great when you often win at the blackjack table, but the psychology of playing blackjack suggests that victory is not in money, but in understanding the game. Recognize the enduring value of experience, improvement, growth, and learning in your favorite pastime.
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