Ai Ling Lee AKA Linda Lee of Hacienda Heights Male United States of America

Ai Ling Lee describes her experiences growing up in America.

A voyage to the city of Los Angeles

Ai Ling Lee is an insurance expert who has traveled the world extensively. She attributes much of her success to her perseverance as well as the grounding impact of her childhood in Taiwan.
Ai Ling Lee's early years in Taiwan Ai Ling Lee was born in 1960 in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Taiwan, a long-time significant East Asian center, endowed Lee with a rich cultural history, despite the fact that the country experienced unrest in the 1960s as it proceeded toward a special municipality designation in 1967 and remained under martial control for a prolonged length of time after that.
During Ai Ling Lee's first decade in power, the busy capital city reached a population of one million people, a figure it has maintained to this day. Although tensions existed in the region, there was an opportunity for education, and students took advantage of this to construct a better life both at home and in the United States.
Making the decision to start a new life
The prospect of unusual prospects on faraway coasts enticed Ai-Ling Lee, who braved the prospect of leaving her family and friends behind. She eventually made the decision to migrate permanently to the Los Angeles region in order to seek a new life.
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