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Asaf Guttman is an accomplished Israeli American multimedia systems professional who has gained a reputation for his unique skill set. He received his education from Saint Leo University, where he combined his technical, engineering, design, sales, and networking skills to become a well-rounded and accomplished professional. Recognizing the need for high-quality multimedia and IT services, Guttman founded Alpha Media Tech based in New York and New Jersey. With Guttman at the helm, Alpha Media Tech provides expertise in developing and supporting solutions for commercial and residential customers. Guttman's extensive knowledge of audiovisual technologies, secure video conferencing, engineering, and design ensures excellent services and solutions. The company's electronic solutions, control systems, and software applications fully comply with the manufacturers' specifications, the client's design criteria, and industry standards.

Guttman's expertise extends beyond Alpha Media Tech, where he established APG Multimedia in Bloomfield, New Jersey, which provides multimedia consulting services to commercial clients and consumers. The company offers design, engineering, sales, installation, and project management services to ensure top-quality service and support for all its customers' needs. Apart from his work, Guttman is passionate about giving back to society and supports several charitable causes in and around Essex County. He has diverse interests, including technology, travel, formula one racing, car enthusiasts, model racing cars, and everything food-related. Guttman's extensive experience and unique skill set make him a highly sought-after professional in the multimedia systems industry today, irrespective of whether it is commercial or residential solutions. Guttman and his team at Alpha Media Tech and APG Multimedia are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality service and support.
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