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If you don't know how to hide on the works, when you encounter conditions that can develop into inflammation, acne. What are you hiding and what is the most effective treatment? Let's find out in the article below. Please!

What is hidden under the skin?
Hidden treatment (English name is Acne hidden under the skin) is a type of non-inflammatory, painful swelling and no festering. The nuclei are located deep inside the hair follicle. This is a tiny species, we do not grow individually, but grow in groups and increasingly spread to neighboring areas. This type makes the skin become rough. You will be feel very hard bear with this type. Hiding is very common among teenagers.

As the name suggests, hidden under the skin makes it very difficult to recognize. That leads to errors in prevention and treatment. If the treatment is wrong, it will not be refused. Or better yet, we will lead to more and more severe inflammation destroyed. Hide make rough, rough skin

Hidden point Special as after:
The staff is under the skin and cannot be seen with the naked eye. But when using the hand touch will have a sensor and rough. We have the same color as the skin so you are hard to spot. Usually grows in clusters and spreads over a certain area
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