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It's no surprise that local boy and businessman David Morrison works for a chemical product and equipment services company called Safety Wercs LLC, which helps healthcare and hospitality businesses, as well as schools and food and beverage companies, create healthier workplaces. Since its inception in 1992, Safety Wercs LLC has grown to include over 100 employees.
Personal protection equipment (PPE) and industrial cleansers from Safety Wercs include, among other things, cleaning wipes, gloves, masks, gowns, hand sanitizer, and antimicrobial solutions.
Morrison has been part of the Safety Wercs leadership team in Florida since February 2017.
Additionally, David Morrison is the COO of FarFromBoring Promotions, a well-known South Florida-based manufacturer of inventive, expertly-designed promotional goods. Morrison has been engaged with FarFromBoring Promotions since June 2017.
Working with Fortune 500 organizations and motivating teams to produce outstanding outcomes are two of David Morrison's specialties, and he brings both to his new job in Boca Raton.
At Morrison, we believe in connecting companies with the customized solutions they need to be successful in the long run. His broad range of abilities includes, but is not limited to, sales, budgeting, business planning, market planning, and inspiring teams.
Obligations from the past
Sales and sales administration have been Morrison's life's work for more than three decades. Since graduating from the University of Florida, David Morrison has worked as a sales representative for Wirtz Beverage Nevada in Las Vegas.
20 years as the sales manager at E & J Gallo Winery (1992-2012)
David Morrison, a lifelong Boca Raton resident, graduated from the University of Florida in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology.
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