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Drive Smart Warranty is a vehicle service contract provider that combines numerous auto service plans into one intelligent and straightforward solution - Roadside Assistance, Comprehensive Auto Repairs, and Auto Maintenance. The organization recognizes that no single option can fulfill everyone's budget or car repair needs. As a result, Drive Smart Warranty developed a three-tier concept, each serving a particular requirement.

This includes a low-cost option that protects against only the most expensive auto repairs, a comprehensive coverage plan (similar to a new car warranty), and a plan for travelers who want extensive repair options but already have the regularly scheduled maintenance options recommended by auto manufacturers.

The average automobile or truck repair expense can often exceed $500. Wise consumers seek a means to prolong their auto warranty coverage while covering a wider variety of emergency auto repair and routine maintenance needs. This has been the objective of Drive Smart Warranty since its inception. To assist car owners in managing the high cost of maintaining both newer and older model autos, as well as preserving their investment in the event of an emergency repair.

Consumers want modern cars with the most advanced safety technology, electrical systems, and enhanced comfort. On the other hand, these sophisticated electrical, digital, and mechanical drive systems necessitate professional diagnostic testing and expert repair by trained auto mechanics. The high expense of auto technology is ultimately passed on to the car owner unless they protect themselves from the high cost of auto repairs with a Drive Smart Warranty.

We cover the price of your auto repairs, oil changes, brake pads, and much more with a Drive Smart Policy. We pay your preferred certified auto repair facility or dealership in full for the parts, labor, and diagnostic testing required to diagnose any electrical, electronic, or mechanical problems with your vehicle.

Our customer service staff works with you to manage all of your emergency auto needs, such as car towing, the cost of renting a loaner vehicle, and assistance in the event of a lockout, no petrol, or a dead battery. Our services are customer-oriented. That is why Drive Smart Warranty offers a traveler's plan to cover any trip inconveniences caused by a car breakdown. This includes meals and hotel accommodations while your vehicle is being fixed!
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