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Benefits of OEM Vehicle Glass Replacements

Front and rear windshield often make up a massive portion of our vehicle’s surface area. Glass provides the ideal transparency needed for safe driving conditions. But glass does have it’s negatives. Glass is prone to scratches, cracks, spider webbing, or completely shattering. Depending on the severity of the damage, glass replacements may be the only option.

When shopping for a windshield replacement Oakville, you might run into the options of aftermarket glass or OEM styles. It can be challenging to select which is the best fit for your car, or if there is any real difference at all. In general terms, aftermarket glass will be cheaper, but it isn’t always the best solution just based on cost. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits you can expect when choosing an automotive glass repair company that utilizes OEM parts for their replacements.


OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. What this means for your vehicle, is that if the glass were to bust and you replaced it with OEM, you’re getting the same product that was installed from the factory. There would be no difference in size, shape, color, or fitment. You wouldn’t be able to tell that the news was not what came on the vehicle.

Aftermarket glass, though, does an excellent job at replicating OEM in most cases does have some variations. The glass used might not be as thick as the glass that came from the factory. It could be a hair off in measurements that, while don’t make a huge difference, can throw off the visual.


While mentioned above that aftermarket glass tends to be cheaper, if you carry insurance, the price is almost always the same if you have a professional install it. Some companies will have greater access to OEM parts and will use these when fulfilling insurance claims. If you have windshield replacement on your insurance, the cost to you might be a simple deductible or even free. Companies like Gzone Auto Glass cover the deductible, so the customer pays nothing out of pocket for their windshield replacement.

No Copyright Issues

Aftermarket glass does have the downside that they can’t, by law, replicate the products of OEM. This happens because auto manufacturers have certain specs for each vehicle and their glass, and these are copyrighted in most cases. This renders an aftermarket, 3rd party glass maker unable to replicate 100% the quality or specifications of the original glass. With OEM, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit every time that looks and functions exactly like your old windshield.

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