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A List of Term Paper Topics

Analysis of the Politics of Representation of Crime and Criminalization in "Inside the Sex Trade".

This paper is an analysis of the McClelland's article. McClelland's (2001) article presents a microcosm of underground capitalism in which women are highly visible, while being at the very bottom of the economic hierarchy. The same processes as are observed in legitimate capitalism are at work, even though they are inverted.

Andrew Luster

This paper shall present information regarding the case, trial, and sentencing of Andrew Luster in connection with a battery of counts in a variety of charge categories. It will focus on if Luster understood his Miranda rights, if he was competent to stand trial, if he understood his sentencing, the length and type of sentencing he received, the presence of any mitigating factors, an observation of prison vs. treatment in this case, and any relation to the U.S. vs. Hendricks case.

Are Women a Suspect Class

The Supreme Court applies three standards of scrutiny (or levels of review) to cases involving equal protection issues. These standards are called rational, intermediate, and strict scrutiny. Over the course of judicial history, many judges have believed that women were not discriminated against and thus should not be designated as a suspect class and afforded strict scrutiny when contemplating issues of equal protection. In fact, the Supreme Court has never declared women to be a suspect classification, but rather an intermediate standard of scrutiny for sex discrimination was eventually adopted. This paper explores the questions of: What is a suspect class? What are some of the characteristics that distinguish what the courts call a “suspect class?” Are women are a suspect class? Why or why not?

Are the Mentally Ill Able to Face the Death Penalty: Examining the Issue of Responsibility and Culpability.

This paper or essay addresses the issue of culpability in the question of whether it is appropriate to apply the death penalty to an individual that is mentally ill or mentally retarded.

Argumentative Paper on the Death Penalty

This is a hot topic concerning the death penalty. Various pros and cons will be given throughout the paper. Should the death penalty be allowed? Under what conditions should the death penalty be allowed? Why?

Arguments Against the Death Penalty: An Analysis.

This undergraduate paper or essay argues against the death penalty, examines how it fails to deter crime, and condemns it on moral grounds. The author argues that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment, violates the United States Constitution, and is a relic of the earliest days of penology, when other barbaric practices such as slavery, branding, and other corporal punishments were commonplace punishments for crimes. Just as those other uncivilized practices have been outlawed, the author argues that the death penalty should be outlawed as well. It simply has no place in a civilized society.
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