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A prominent figure in American real estate investment, the mind behind Ashcroft Capital—a New York-based firm managing over $1.5 billion in real estate assets, focusing on apartment complexes. Joe Fairless offers investors turnkey opportunities, ensuring monthly cash-flow returns and significant payouts upon property sales.

Hosting the esteemed podcast, The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, this luminary attracts 500,000 monthly downloads, making it the world's longest-running real estate podcast. Notable guests like Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki grace the show, which boasts its dedicated mobile app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Beyond his podcast, he's authored three influential books on real estate investing and maintains an extensive blog with over 1,300 entries discussing property-related subjects. An avid educator, he shares strategies and techniques at seminars, conferences, and through mentorship, empowering aspiring property investors.

Previously excelling in advertising, he swiftly climbed the ranks from junior project manager to the youngest vice president at a New York-based agency before turning 30. However, his passion for real estate surpassed his enthusiasm for advertising, leading him to immerse himself in real estate seminars, literature, and mentorship.

In 2012, this visionary pivoted, raising $1,000,000 from private investors in just six months to acquire a 168-unit apartment community, marking his entry into major real estate investment and paving the way for subsequent successful deals.

Viewing real estate as more than just a financial avenue, he believes it enriches lives, fosters growth, and contributes meaningfully to local communities. His website,, hosts an Accredited Investor Lifestyle section with numerous posts on health, habits, and community engagement.

Graduating from Texas Tech University with an advertising degree, he later served as an adjunct communications professor in 2015. Actively contributing to the College of Media and Communication's board at Texas Tech, he guides students for the professional world.

Dedicated to philanthropy, he champions various causes through the Best Ever Causes initiative, supporting organizations from health-focused charities to offering scholarships for advertising students at Texas Tech.

Beyond his exceptional achievements in real estate, advertising, and philanthropy, he boasts a range of accomplishments. Teaching preschoolers, leading sports teams, and even exploring stand-up comedy, his diverse experiences shape his multifaceted perspectives and endeavors.
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