Lacey Flanagan Yarmouth United States of America

Lacey Flanagan has always had a strong affinity for art. She understood from an early age that she wanted to be a creative professional, but she wasn't sure where her career would take her. Everywhere she went, she was inspired by the hues. While she was interested in musical instruments as well, she was particularly fond of producing beautiful artwork with her hands. When she was in school, she enrolled in as many classes as possible in order to determine what her true love would be. She ultimately settled on painting.

She enrolled in a range of courses. She worked with sculptures, canvases, and natural materials, as well as a variety of colours. She was always drawn to vibrant, bright hues, believing that they possessed something special. She employs these hues in an attempt to contribute something unique to whatever she works with. She believed that her commitment to her artistic profession would bring out the best in every topic she studied. That is precisely what occurred.

Ultimately, her primary objective is to make people happy. She recognizes that there is a great deal of stress in the world right now, and believes that if someone can escape those concerns for even a few seconds while viewing her artwork, it is worthwhile. She is motivated by a variety of creative sights in her immediate surroundings. Living in the wilderness of Maine exposes her to a variety of things that the average person does not witness on a daily basis. She may stroll down Main Street, take a stroll through the woodland, or simply relax on the beach's edge.
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