Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Triberr

When Michael Jordan signed an endorsement deal with Nike, neither of them knew the true power of that relationship. That swoosh accompanying Jordan on posters, billboards and in tv spots, skyrocking Nike's sneaker sales year after year as kids ran out to "Be like Mike". Even today, the Air Jordan is Nike's top selling shoe.

But not every company can afford a celebrity Michael Jordan, and even if they could, they may not need to. Consumers have lost trust in traditional ads, and instead are turning to blogs, social media and online reviews for their purchase decisions.

In this day and age, the real celebrities of the Internet are bloggers.

Trusted content creators with a loyal audience and deep social reach. These are the true Influencers, and Triberr is helping brands find and connect with them through a new marketing channel - Influencer Marketing.


Expecting a $50k price tag? Think again!

Influencer Marketing campaigns on Triberr are FREE to run!

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Usage Fees
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Unlimited Campaigns
The only cost you will ever pay is the direct payout to the Influencers you've worked with. Triberr takes a small comission out of the final payout to Influencers who have successfully completed your campaign.

It's Self-Serve

Want to get started? Just login and create your campaign. It costs nothing to setup a campaign. Not a member? No problem. Sign up for free now:

Influencer Marketing campaigns are completely free for agencies. There is no setup fee, no monthly useage fee and no hidden fees.

We make our money by taking a % of the final payout Influencers get.

Campaigns must have at least 5 members, and Influencers have minimum payout rates.
Influencer Marketing is a new form of marketing where companies hire influential bloggers to promote and endorse their brand, products or services.

For years, big brands like Nike would hire celebrities like Tiger Woods to endorse their products. These celebrities had tremendous reach and influence through television.

Today, bloggers and social media enthusiasts are the celebrities of the Internet. While a popular blogger may not have the reach of Tiger Woods, hundreds of bloggers working together do.

Triberr's Influencer Marketer campaigns are way for brands to hire large groups of Influencers who can work together to achieve a single brand goal.
Campaigns last 30 days.