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In 2011, Michael Stankus embarked on a transformative professional journey that altered the course of his career. Joining MRP as an account executive marked a significant turning point, where he set out to refine his sales skills and showcase his unwavering commitment to professionalism. His dedication and tireless work ethic yielded remarkable results, earning him the prestigious title of 'Account Executive of the Month' in June and October 2015. Later, he assumed a pivotal role in Sales Enablement, where he played a crucial part in managing Cisco's expansive partner lead program, encompassing a network of over 300 partners nationwide.

In 2022, he witnessed his transition to eLocal's innovative Sales Development team. Despite the change in his professional landscape, his commitment remained steadfast, and his professionalism continued to shine as a testament to his unwavering dedication.

Beyond his demanding professional life, he has cultivated a rich and fulfilling personal life filled with diverse and engaging hobbies. These pastimes include the thrill of motorcycling, the satisfaction of expert guitar repair, the joy of flying kites, the freedom of cycling through scenic landscapes, and the immersive world of video games.

Music is cherished in Michael Stankus's heart, remaining a significant and enduring passion. His journey into live music began during his college years with his band, The Healthy Doses, and flourished further with subsequent involvement in bands like Natural Selection. Jah PeopleHe has graced stages in various locations, from the vibrant cityscape of Philadelphia to the scenic shores of the Jersey Shore and even to the bustling metropolises of Washington, D.C., and New York City. The profound connection he forges with his audience when he takes the stage as a bass player continues to captivate and inspire him.

He has masterfully balanced his fervor for hobbies with an unwavering commitment to his family. Fate brought him together with his future wife, Rachel, at a memorable Flaming Lips concert in Philadelphia, and their bond has remained unbreakable ever since. By 2015, they had established their home in Collingswood, NJ, with their daughter Cecilia, driven by their shared commitment to providing enhanced educational opportunities for their family. Their familial joy expanded once more in 2020 with the arrival of their son, Sammy, adding immeasurable love and laughter to their lives.

Michael Raymond Stankus's commendable spirit of community service and altruism has been ingrained in his character since his formative years in organizations such as Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol. This strong sense of community responsibility became evident in his active participation in MLK Day in 2019. He wholeheartedly engaged in his company's community service day, contributing to the cleanup efforts in Philadelphia's Kensington area. Once again, he demonstrated the professionalism and dedication that define his character, leaving a lasting positive impact on the communities he holds dear.
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