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Michael Mullins New Jersey, a New Jersey native, has excelled in various fields, including music, sales management, and weightlifting.

Mullins is a seasoned sales expert and holds the managing director of product sales position at APN in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. In addition to overseeing the sales team, he provides sales training and has consistently surpassed his quarterly sales targets. He has also held sales management positions at other companies, including Loyal 9, Venture Cash Advance, and Coppola Services, where he successfully created and managed sales teams that achieved their objectives.

Mullins is also an accomplished bodybuilder and weightlifter who competes in various events. He participates in a 5K run, back squat, bench press, and deadlift. Mullins has set an impressive record in weightlifting by breaking the 85-kilogram lifters' U.S. National Olympic weightlifting record in the 2009 U.S. National Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championship with a clean and jerk of 143 kg. He won the bronze medal in the 2010 World Masters Games in New York City by snatching 110 kg and jerking 136 kg. Mullins has also broken several state clean and jerk records and is actively involved in the Nobull Crossfit games, where he ranks in the Top 900 lifters in the United States and top 1250 in the world.

Mullins' interest in health and fitness led him to pursue a holistic health, fitness, and diet degree. Besides his professional and athletic endeavours, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and studying languages. He is also a talented guitarist and a self-taught musician. Mullins' approach to life is influenced by Eastern philosophy, which focuses on people's actions and thoughts as they seek to understand their place in the world. He inspires others to recognize their worth and strive for a meaningful life.
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