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MOTOGO is a business working in the motorbike rental field, was established in early of 2018. The business focuses on providing great services to customers by creating a network of convenience points which allow customers to pick up a motorbike at this point then return it the other point. In the first period, we aim to build the network in Hanoi. After achieving the success, we plan to expand the business operation to other cities. Our goal is having the network of points located in every tourist places in next 4 years.


Brand new motorbike
100% motorbikes we buy directly from dealers under company contract to be sure that all motorbike has the same great quality and the same brand identity, besides that, MOTOGO just selects the most reliable motorbike in each type.

No Deposit
Deposit isn’t required for if customer satisfies with MOTOGO requirements about identification and clear purpose of rental. There are 2 methods of rental without deposit including tourist having a return ticket or local people come with full of identification card and family register.

Unlimited kilometers
Doesn’t look like other motorbike rentals, MOTOGO offers unlimited kilometer rentals for every motorbike, and it is easy to do a motorbike trip to anywhere customer want.

Delivery service
MOTOGO offers the delivery service to the customer and charge extra fee for this. So never mind how far from MOTOGO dealer to your place.

Rescue motorbike 24/24 service
All motorbikes go along with rescue 24/24 service card, when your motorbike broke down with Flat tire, Out of gas, Alarm errors, lost your key, Motorbike accident... just call directly to Service hotline.

Support 24/24
90% of MOTOGO’s customers is expats and tourists, they are not familiar with local so MOTOGO cares about them, always hope they are safe and enjoy Vietnam culture and sceneries. We listen to all queries of customer and try our best to answer clearly.
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