Role of Governing Body Members of Multi State:-.

As far the interim management committee list is worried who are accountable for the management and handling of the society, the society needs to minimum 7 members and this list can go upto 21 members. After the 97th Constitutional Change Act 2011 from February 2013, it is compulsory to keep 2 ladies and 1 extra member who belongs to Scheduled Caste or to Scheduled People in the main governing body list. Till today, there are 900-950 Multi State Cooperative Societies out of which maximum are credit. The governing body members take part in annual general body conferences, unique general body conferences, resolutions, notification, quorums etc
. Just for example in a credit cooperative society, if the society wishes to make any scheme like gold loan, car loan, taken care of deposit loan, double deposit plan, triple deposit strategy or any special scheme,


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