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With nearly two decades of successful experience in B2B sales, business development & marketing - where I helped multiple companies establish sales organizations from scratch in competitive Asia markets - I began my career in social media in 2008. Starting with launching a blog, I spoke at the first of my 150+ speaking events in July, 2009 and then published my first book, "Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn" in 2009.

My book, blog, and speaking events led to businesses reaching out to me, after which I launched my social media strategy consulting practice Windmills Marketing in January, 2010. Since then I have worked with dozens of companies, from small startups and solopreneurs to Fortune 500 enterprises and Grammy Award-winning celebrities. I have spoken on how to leverage social media for business on 3 continents. I also published my 2nd book, "Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing" in 2011.

My 3rd book, "Maximize Your Social," will be published by Wiley on 9/30/2013. You can pre-order it here:

At the present I work with clients seeking my social media expertise in the following ways:

Social Media Strategy Consulting - I work with companies in auditing their current social media efforts company-wide and creating a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns corporate objectives with the potential for social business.

Social Media Coaching - For smaller businesses who need to have an expert social media advisor on call for practical advice, I offer this service at reasonable rates to help as many companies as possible with their social media.

Social Media Speaking - Whether it's a keynote speech, presentation for a professional association or a hands-on workshop for an internal audience, I deliver customized content with concrete takeaways to meet your needs.

Need social media help for your business? I have lots of experience AND ideas - so please feel free to contact me!
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