Nicole Cook

Problems I am having: - Two posts are stuck in my stream and will not allow me to share them. The button won't "push" when you do it like all the others. - I just realized I had the wrong account hooked to triberr, so I went back and fixed that. All approved posts disappeared from my "Queue". Fine. So I went through the tribes individually and shared from the activity stream. When I go back to my Queue absolutely NONE of them are there. We used to be able to go through Tribes and find posts we wanted to share and even if we weren't in that tribe, we could share a post we found. Is that not something we can do anymore? I also miss being able to RESHARE a post. I had a friend post an awesome recipes a couple of weeks back. I cannot RESHARE it because it is marked "scheduled" even though it was already shared. Can we make that button come back to RESHARE automagically again please? As I mentioned in a previous thread, the changes aesthetically are beautiful, and there are a few things that need to be tweaked for mobile, but having the site not be used the way it was intended, sucks. I realize it's my fault for disconnecting my twitter account to reconnect the correct one (even though it was sharing to the right one which of course is based on API), having all of my stream disappear and then not even stay in the QUEUE then going back and resharing across all my tribes yet none stuck in the QUEUE.... what the heck? We should be able to share any post we haven't shared before without any problem, so why is this happening and why can't we reshare posts we've already shared weeks and months ago? Thanks for your help! I really do like the design and display of the site I just wish it could work the way it was intended to work.

4 years ago