Is your B2B business using online channels, to attract new customers? Does your marketing get results? If not, I'll help you rethink your marketing strategy and improve it.

Today, your customers are online. I work with B2B businesses, using proven digital tools and methods, to generate sales.

My process: Content marketing to tell your story, Social Media to connect with your best prospects, Closed Loop Marketing to generate leads and convert those leads to sales, and powerful Analytics to optimize performance and measure results.

I employ a proven digital marketing strategy, which some call "Inbound Marketing". Solutions include:

? Content Marketing: Design a content marketing blueprint, generate great content, and measure conversion to drive results.

? Social Media: Audit your social media, develop a social media strategy, choose the right platforms and coach your team to use them effectively.

? SEO Strategy: Improve visibility in search results, leverage keyword driven content/blogging, drive website traffic and conversion.

? Lead Generation: Develop online content oriented to your customers' buying process and lifecycle, use lead nurturing strategies and marketing automation to pull prospects through your marketing funnel and convert your best prospects to sales.

? Marketing Analytics: Use advanced analytics to track how marketing is working. Continuously track KPI's to improve progress.

=> Traditional marketing no longer works ... it's time for results. Let's talk. 914-645-8449.

Other Information:

? Blog/Speaking: I blog for Forbes.com, and lead workshops to teach best practices. Inspired by leading digital thought leaders.

? Mentor (Volunteer): Syracuse University Entrepreneurship Center Mentor; Duke Social Impact Exchange B-plan competition.

Specialties: Internet Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing, Branding and Communications, Inbound Marketing, Search Optimization, Data Driven Analytics, ROI, SEO.
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