KCL Publishing was started by Carrie M. Pennington, Amber L. Graham, and Karen K. Hipp when they were discussing the possibility of publishing their own work. An idea to start a company geared towards writers where the start up costs would be low and there would be no need for an agent is what sparked this company. Our partners are authors so they care about your personal success, not just the company's. KCL Publishing offers a variety of services for print and electronic publication. The company is driven towards helping authors new and already published reach their dreams of publication and success.

KCL Publishing is a publishing company created by authors for authors. We were created on the thought of being more focused on the personal success of our authors, as opposed to the overall success of the company. Our goal is to guide and nurture our writers in a more personal fashion so that this is a process that they enjoy instead of fear. We want writers to be able to reach out to us personally and see us as people instead of a large corporation. Our contracts with our writers grant us publishing rights while the writers maintain creative control and full ownership. We want to make the process of publication easier, more affordable, and less stressful. We want to help people express themselves as writers as well as show off their talent to the world. This way more writer's dreams can be achieved.


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