Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

Do you eat, sleep & live social media, SEO, blogging, business and Triberr and have a rockin' tribe to prove it? Do you like to lead others and help them grow? Does your blog scream innovation, relevance, engagement and compelling value to your audience? If yes, then this may be the tribe for you. Looking to build a tribe of those that are more serious about providing value to their tribe members of which they lead, blog audience than their Influence score. There will be no games here, no drama, no negative Karma behind the scenes. No hard rules of what you must tweet or not tweet. We simply ask that you give as much or more than you take. We are all serious about social blogging for business and trust one another to make their own decisions on what is appropriate for their audience. We will all work together to select tribe members and will ensure we are sending only the best content to our followers.