Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

Link for this page: http://is.gd/aewtribe This tribe was created to feature awesome blogs by writers of erotic romance. We promote for one another and act as coworkers and companions -- not competition. When one succeeds we all succeed. Rules for this tribe as of May 2012. To join - have at least 300 followers on Twitter, an active blogging schedule (min 3 posts a week). All members must be willing to approve all posts on Triberr, and commit to logging on and approving posts at least three times a week (minimum). Exceptions on approvals: if you are in more than one tribe, and a post shows up more than once and you would be tweeting duplicates, please feel free not to approve the other post. If possible, approve the one through Awesome Erotic Writers and delete the other one. Our goal is to create a super tribe that will have an extensive reach, and create more concentrated and effective tweets.