• Dogs and Cats Give Me Smile Lines


Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

Bloggers who smile excessively in the presence of their dogs, cats (and other critters).

Before you ask to join this tribe, please note:
* I (Elizabeth) am a humor blogger (first) and a pet blogger (second). That means, the humor might not always be pet-related, even though the post is full of pet pics.
* I'm looking for tribe members (in addition to having a broad sense of humor) whose blogs contain mostly (like at least 75%) original content - not sponsored, affiliate link-laden, review or giveaway posts. Rescue-focused blogs are always welcome.
* If you're new to Triberr and are looking to join, please feel free to follow and share others' posts. If after following and sharing, you think you'd like to join (review above bullet points, if needed), just come back and request to join.
* All members are expected to share posts from the tribe (not every post, but at least regular sharing). It's not fair to the others for you to join with no intention of sharing.
* If you are a member and then, for whatever reason(s) decide Triberr (or this tribe) is not for you, please *leave the tribe.* It will not hurt my feelings, but rather save me the uneasiness of having to remove you.
* If you're still here reading these boring bullets, we'd probably get along famously in real life. :)
* Have fun blogging and sharing!