Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

We allow up to one post per day from each member. If your blog has self-promotional or selling posts, you would need to use a custom .rss - so we do not get those. No compensated reviews, or articles that are essentially "infomercials," flogging your ebook, affiliate link, or what is obviously a selling post. Please accept my warm welcome to ask saul@osakabentures.com if ever in doubt. If you publish more than one article/day, or sometimes chuck in a post that you are clearly getting paid for, to sing the glories of this or that product/service, you'll need to not send that to this tribe. Kindly send us a custom .rss (easy as hell - but please ask dan@triberr.com if you need help) so that we get just the up to one/day that you would like to send to this tribe, and without craftily disguised sales pitches. A custom .rss is the cure, and let's you blog on whatever you like, as much as you like, and NOT send us all of it. We blog on entrepreneurial tactics, social media networking, marketing, startups, starting up, SEO, marketing, collaboration and tangential topics.rnrnAs strong as we have grown, in addition to a solid blog, you are an asset to this tribe, and welcome to have our members share your content - as long as you adhere to the rules noted above, which protect you all from each others' over-use of our reciprocation.rnrn** It is great to get your blog "out in front" by publishing daily or even more frequently. The Business of Change will accept up to one post per day; more than that is too much from any one member - and hampers my (Saul's) ability to build the tribe larger. Many of us are publishing far, far less that one/day, but have no problem approving one/day from other members. What's more, if you like the tribe and wish to stay with us, that would be great, and you need not even change how frequently you publish; you would simply use a custom .rss based on a category, such as "Triberr" or BofC, etc., and assign that in the tribe settings to our tribe. Then, just categorize one of your multiple posts for the day with that category, and we get up to one (1) article from your blog per day. This works for us. Thanks for your consideration for tribemates' social media accounts.