Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

Taking on the Indie Revolution with Authors and Bloggers alike!

RULES: You MUST check in twice a week MIN (daily is preferable). You need to share everyone's posts, there is no exception. NOT ALL the posts but you need to decide what you want to share. Everyone here should be involved in world of publishing either as a reviewer, an author, a publisher etc. I as a chief can see who is not checking in and who is sharing our tribes posts.

No advertising within the group. Want to ask folks check out today's post, fine. I am a freelancer srtist, SEO manager, Web designer etc have respect and use Triberr the way b it was intended

Anyone who is not a Prime member can only share 14 posts a week. So if you are a spam blogger of over 5 a day you need to realize they won't be pulled in.

If you feel you are not being shared CONTACT ME at kriss@cabingoddess.com or leave a message here. DO NOT be disrespectful and leave a passive-aggressive message under one of their posts.