Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

Motto: Irrespective of who you are, people can live without you and your great content.

This tribe isn't a marketing tool that gets you traffic while you ignore everyone. Now please read and comply with the rules.


I hate this cop-style, but the attitude of some ex-members has forced me to write these rules.

1. Topic Rules: The main topic of the tribe is marketing. Email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, SEM, etc. Please assign to this tribe an internet marketing blog. If your blog is a mixture of topics, you can be a member only if you delete from the tribe your off-topic posts. Exceptions to this rule are acceptable if they aren't frequent. If the accident (or the exception) becomes the norm, your membership will be cancelled.

Other accepted topics: blogging tips, social media news, business-oriented tips.

Please... no articles about pets, weight loss, politics, real estate, pregnancy, travel, sports, food.

2. Twitter-related Rule: Your Twitter account must have at least 1,000 followers.

3. Upgrade Rules: after sending a member upgrade request, follow me on Twitter (@IMTipsNews) and share one of my blog posts on Twitter. A word of caution: by "my blog posts" I don't understand my manual retweets of other people's blog posts.

4. Reciprocation Rules: I hope I don't have to explain you what reciprocation means. Right? Be an active member! If you don't like or don't agree with a blog post, you don't have to share it. Look for another article and share it. Even if you already shared a certain article yesterday or a few days ago, you can still share it once again. If you write one article per day while another member writes only one article per week, reciprocation doesn't mean that you share one article while the other one shared all your seven articles. I'm not gonna transform myself into the accountant of this tribe and count your shares. But use your common sense, please don't force me to refine the Reciprocation Rules.

5. Flexibility: Relax, I'm not gonna be a real cop. For example, if you're busy this week and you won't share anything, nothing wrong will happen. But if you're busy all the time and you're always set on ignore mode, then I'll be forced to cancel your membership.

== FAQ ==

Q1: If I share a blog post more than one time, won't my readers be bothered?

A1: No, you won't bother your readers unless you share the same post for multiple times within a short period of time. Be a marketer! Check your Twitter stats (Impressions) and you'll see the REAL reach of your tweets.

Q2: I have 15k followers and you have only 6k followers. A sharing ratio of 1:1 isn't fair, is it?

A2: The number of followers and the number of readers are very much different. I can show you how one of my articles was shared by a so called influencer having 100k followers and I got 1 click on my link, while the same article got more clicks after it was shared from a 1k account. Marketing isn't about your great number of followers. It's about results (clicks). If you already know it and you're sure that you have a powerful account, please contact me. It's easy to test your power, isn't it? If you're right, I'll carefully consider your suggestions.


For any questions or suggestions, please post a comment on the section Conversations.

Adrian Jock