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Des Moines, Iowa, was the birthplace of Peter Foxhoven.

He received his schooling at ISU and Drake University (undergrad and grad school, respectively). He may be heard on the popular podcast The Appendix N Podcast, where he covers topics such as the life of Conan the Barbarian.
Peter was recently featured in EbizNews, where he discusses several strategies to communicate with clients. "Building connections is such a vital aspect of the entrepreneur's job in the business world," says Peter Foxhoven. "You must network with other experts in every industry, but most importantly, you must establish close relationships with your buyers. "It doesn't matter if you're a B2B, B2C, or D2C firm; you need to understand what matters to your customers and be prepared to meet their needs."
A business owner or entrepreneur should communicate with clients in five ways, according to Peter Foxhoven:
Know Who You're Speaking With – According to Foxhoven, it will be difficult to form a friendship if you don't know who you're seeking to assist. His advice is to avoid making assumptions about the audience by knowing about their genuine pain concerns and motivators before testing hypotheses about what would appeal to them.
Maintain Open Lines of Communication - It is vital to provide frequent updates in order to provide a transparent and honest service. According to Foxhoven, provide honest updates, even if the news is unpleasant. Customers will grow progressively irritated and lose trust in your brand if you keep them wondering.
Examine and Improve – Consider how your consumers see your job. Checking in or completing a survey is an excellent way to learn how they feel about you. He warns against taking things too seriously. However, anytime there is room for improvement, pay attention and make the required changes to help your company develop.
Underpromise and overdeliver – Many businesses seek to overpromise and then fail to deliver. Instead, Foxhoven suggests not promising anything you aren't sure you can deliver on. "Only promise what you are confident about," he says. "Wow your consumers by delivering sooner, better, or cheaper than you promised at the start." When you go above and beyond what you claim you'll accomplish, you earn a lot of respect from everyone you work with or for."
You must become an expert, according to Peter Foxhoven — Improve your professional knowledge and talents till you are considered an expert. According to Foxhoven, being an expert is crucial to creating the authority that others will work with. Finding your niche within your industry as you acquire experience will help you further narrow down the appropriate audience that will enjoy what you have to offer.
Thrilling adventure as Conan the Barbarian battles evil wizards and seeks wealth in deep, dark dungeons are just a few of the subjects covered by Peter.
When he is not featured on one of his renowned podcasts, Peter likes spending time with his wonderful wife and family.
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