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As Ricky was starting to slip out of me, I noticed a slim black guy standing a few feet behind him. "Hey, Emil, how you doin', my man?" he said. "Toby?! What the fuck?!" I answered in shock. "I didn't see you here before! Wow..." "I just got here; had to work late... Glad I haven't missed you, though, man. Mind if I take this dance, Ricky?" Toby was of east African extraction, with fine features and a wiry, muscular body; we'd been close friends since elementary school, but we'd never even been naked in front of each other... I stared at his dark brown hard-on- it was longer than Ricky's by at least a couple of inches, and bigger around, too. The head was a dark pinkish-purple, flaring out wider than the rest of the shaft. It was huge. "Oh... wowww..." was all I could say, but I kept my legs up and open, excitement flooding me, my pulse beginning to pound. He walked over to me, standing between my knees, his black cock upright above my flaccid one; he reached out and started running his dark hands over my thighs, then my stomach. "Ohhh... you feel so gooood," he said, looking in my eyes. "This is all pretty new to me, too, Emil... wow, you're gorgeous... This is just my third week here... I'm so glad I didn't miss you tonight... God, you look hot... It's so weird, after all these years... touching you like this... I never imagined..." "Yeah, I know... It's blowing my mind, too... your hands feel so good, Toby..." I was already squirming... ohhhhh... how exquisitely good they felt. I was trembling, though- a little scared. He massaged my torso, then my thighs and ass, his hands moving slowly and lovingly; I moaned and sighed. Ricky handed him the lube and the 'lube tube' as we called it, smiling as he watched us. "Be right back, guys," he said, walking out and closing the door behind him. Toby squeezed lube into me, lubed his cock and immediately put the massive head between my asscheeks. "Ready, my friend? I've fantasized about this for days- ever since I knew you were gonna be here... I don't want to wait anymore..." "Do it, Toby... I want you to... but take it easy, okay? Man, that thing is big." Heart pounding, I reached down to hold onto his forearms as he thrust forward, staring in disbelief as the huge black cock began to disappear into me. To my amazement, there was no pain, just ecstatic fullness as the dark shaft drove deeper and deeper. Toby held onto my arms, too, looking into my eyes as he thrust slowly into me, inch by inch. I was panting with excitement. "Okay so far?" he said. "Ohhhhhhhh... I can't believe it... ohhhhhhhhh... I can't believe it! Toby... it feels so huge... so goood... fuck meeeee! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I twisted on the massive pole, carefully working it deeper, then staying still for a moment, relaxing and getting used to it. "How- how much more?" I gasped, eyes closed, head back, as Toby thrust inwards a little more... "You've got about two-thirds of it in you... I think we'll make it..." I was shocked. I thought it had to be almost completely in by then, but I was determined to take it all, anyway. I wanted my old friend Toby to thoroughly fuck me- and even more, I was filled with a craving for this huge black cock- I wanted to be the white boy-cunt who could take it, to feel myself bein' black-fucked with this monster... I lifted my head and stared at his dark body standing there between my white thighs as I squirmed. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and thrust forward again, opening me wider and deeper than I'd ever been. More of his black cock went in, and I stared in wonder as it disappeared into me. I was writhing around on it now, gasping with lust and excitement, pushing back onto his thrusts until I finally felt his skin against my asscheeks. His huge cockhead was 'way up inside me... "I knew we'd fit, Emil... I knew it..." he said, smiling, our eyes making contact again. Still sucking air like a runner, I smiled back, my mind held completely by the sensations inside. He flexed his long shaft, extending it even more, making my eyes roll back and see stars again; I squeezed the base of it as best I could with my stretched sphincter, rolling my hips on it. A low groan escaped my mouth. "God, you're huge, Toby," I managed to say. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh..." The sound I made then seemed more animal than human. "Stay deep like that... let me get used to this, Toby... you're the biggest thing I've ever had in me... or even imagined..." "No hurry, Emil... I'm right where I wanna be- in the hottest little white ass in Park High School. Take your time... we'll go slow and easy... I like it like that." "You ever fucked a black guy before?" I asked as I twisted slowly on his cock. He nodded. "Uh... er, yeah... Why do you ask?" "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... Just wondered... if it's different..." "Black guys usually have 'way better asses than white guys, so it's not just skin color... you and Ricky both have great ones, by the way. Do you think it's hot to get fucked by a black cock?" he asked with a slight smirk. "Yeah... I do, Toby... I think it's... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... really, really nasty... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... and unbelievably hot... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... to have a big, black cock... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuckin' me 'way deep in my white ass..." "You think black cocks are nasty, huh?" he said, thrusting it in a little more with the same look on his face. "Ohhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhh... It's like I'm already off the charts in perv-world, Toby... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... 'cause I love gettin' ass-fucked more than anything, which I've never heard anybody admit to, but then gettin' it with a black cock... ohhhhhhhhhhh... that's two huge taboos at once... "This is twice as sexy and twice as hot... this is so hot, Toby... ohhhhhhh... especially since we've known each other all this time... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... and you're so fucking huge... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhhhh... and you're actually fucking me with your big... black... cock! ohhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck me, Toby... fuck... my... little... white... ass... fuck meeeeeee... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I've never felt anything like this, Toby... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Toby thrust again, pulling my thighs back tight against his chest, flattening my ass against his hard stomach, his massive cock sliding even deeper, the huge head plowing me open 'way far up inside. My eyes rolled back as my head turned from side to side, and I squirmed, mindless gasps and groans coming out of me. "You like that big black cock, white boy?" he said quietly, slipping into a street accent. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you know... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... I do... I love your... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... big black cock... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck your white slut, Toby... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck his little white ass..." *-*-*-*-*-* "So, have you fucked Ricky?" I asked him later. We'd stopped moving, resting for a moment, his cock still buried inside me. "Yeah. We went almost all night last week... He's really hot, too, Emil." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... yeah, I think so, too... I wanna be your white bitch, Toby... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck me like I'm your bitch, Toby..." "What do you think I'm doin', you silly cunt?" he laughed. "Squirm for me, bitch... squirm on daddy's cock like a whore in heat... like the little white slut you know you really are..." I did, holding onto his hips and twisting slowly on his monster cock, writhing and undulating like a worm on a hook while I looked in his eyes, silently mouthing the words, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," over and over. "You're a slut all right," he chuckled. "Damn, you're hot!" Ricky walked back in the room just then, lying down beside me and moving his hand idly around on my stomach as I kept twisting on Toby's huge shaft. "I see you managed to get it all in there, Toby," he said. Toby just smiled. "How do you like that cock, Emil?" Ricky whispered in my ear. "Ohhhhhh, god... I love it! I love it... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... you fuck me so nice and slow, Toby... so fuckin' nice and slow, ohhhhhh... I love it, daddy, I love it... ohhhhhhhhhhh... so deep... so deep... ohhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhh..." "Sure is hot to watch you two," he said quietly before sliding up the bed so his cock was at my mouth. "Here's somethin' for the bitch's mouth," he said, turning my head toward him and putting the head of his hard cock against my lips. I sucked it in hungrily, mewling and stroking the base of it with one hand while I held onto Toby's ass with the other. Toby's small movements should have been barely perceptible outside my body, but Ricky was almost instantly in synch with him; I was soon floating, flying on a cloud of lust as the two cocks stroked in and out of me. The pace increased gradually, driven by Toby's approaching orgasm (I could tell by the way he trembled). "Here it is, Emil..." he said softly, then drove his monster cock as far into me as he could, pulling my thighs back against his chest as he thrust forward with his hips. Ricky pulled out of my mouth then, holding the side of my head against his stomach and stroking my hair as Toby shot huge spurts of come impossibly deep inside me. I gasped, making high-pitched whimpering sounds like the cunt I'd become, trying to squeeze every drop from the massive shaft as I writhed and rolled my hips on it. "Ohhhhhhhh... come in me, come in me, come in me, Toby..." I kept muttering against Ricky's belly, looking up into Toby's eyes as he held my ass tight against him. At last he was done, though, and he pulled out and went to wash off, lying down with us at the head of the bed when he returned. I slid down and sucked on the head of his cock for a little, stroking the length of the black shaft with my white hand, staring at the contrast and his impossible size. "Sit up for a minute, slut," Ricky said, handing me a lit joint when I did. We passed it around for several tokes before Toby laid it down in the ash tray, slid down the bed and got on his knees between my own. "Another fantasy coming true," he said, sucking my cock into his mouth. I stared at the black head and soft, dark lips as they slid up and down my pink phallus. "Toby loves to suck cocks, Emil... especially white ones," Ricky said. "He really went nuts that first night when we all fucked him- didn't you, Toby? And see that incredible bubble-butt he's got? He loves gettin' it thoroughly fucked by big, long white cocks... In fact, I think he probably needs that right now... don't you, you black cunt?" Toby moaned loudly, rolling his ass around. "Mmm-hmm- I thought so," Ricky said, chuckling, getting up and grabbing the lube. "Emil, I bet you didn't know that we're realizin' this nigger's fantasies right now," Ricky said. "Isn't that right, bitch? Tell your master how you really feel..." I was appalled that Ricky had just used the"n" word with Toby, until Toby let my cock go and looked up at me. "I want to be your nigger, Emil... yo' fuckin' li'l nigga-boy sex-slave... just fuck me, use me, and call me names... all I want is to be fucked by your two big white cocks while you call me every fucking name you can think of... You think it's obscene and depraved to get fucked by a black cock, but you like feelin' that way- 'cause you know that you're a cock-whore who loves black cock... "Well, I'm a black cock-whore who loves white cocks... I need to be fucked by white cocks because it feels nasty and demeaning, and it lets me be a pretty-boy sex-slave in some white pervert's harem... and I like it, Emil... I like it because it's a game and I know you don't really think of me that way. If I were a real slave, it wouldn't be the same at all... You understand?" I nodded. "You wanna play with us?" he said, smiling and licking my cockhead as he looked up at me. "You talk too much, bitch," I said. "Get my cock back in that nigger mouth and suck it like you mean it." I knew he wanted me to talk to him that way, but it still felt awkward. Nothing to do but keep trying, though, I thought; I'll get used to it. Toby moaned and pulled my cock deep into his throat. Ricky got back on the bed holding lube and a syringe. Toby had a butt-plug in his ass, and after removing it and shooting lube inside, Ricky spread his beautifully round dark cheeks and sank his cock into him in three strokes. Toby moaned around my cock, squirmed on Ricky's, and kept on sucking. "Oooohhh... your li'l' nigga ass is soooo delicious," Ricky said. "I love fuckin' it 'cause it's so round and firm and tight... an' watchin' you suck white cock at the same time is so hot, you sleazy slut... suck that white cock, boy... wrap those nigga lips around it... move that ass, boy, move it..." Whap! Whap! Ricky slapped his cheeks, then grabbed him by his narrow waist and pulled him back hard, flattening the full black globes against his white stomach. Toby whimpered and sucked me voraciously, kneading my ass with both hands as he pulled me further into his throat. I held onto his nappy head, slowly fucking his mouth, watching the full lips work on the shaft, feeling the tongue moving underneath. "Ooohhhhh... suck that white cock," I said quietly. "Keep on suckin' and I'll give you some white come, nigga... that's what you want, isn't it, boy? Lotsa white come down your nigga-slut throat... Suck, boy, suck... Look-a here, Mr. Erickson- this nigga whore's gettin' spit-roasted by two white cocks, and he's absolutely squirmin' in ecstasy... use that black ass, you nasty slut... use it while I fill your suckin' nigga mouth with come... Ohhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhh..." I came, holding Toby's head still while shooting my load into his mouth. He made squealing and gurgling noises around my cock, swallowing and sucking while clinging to my ass. When I pulled out, I knelt down beside him and kissed him gently, licking my come from his cheek and lips. "Move that ass, bitch," I whispered in his ear. "Move that nigger ass... Show us how much you love that white cock that's fuckin' it..." Toby whimpered and moaned, moving his ass around on Ricky's cock. Pale hands held his dark waist, pulling him back tight. "Let me show you how much I love your mouth, Toby... and how much I appreciate what you just did for me..." Breaking the 'dirty-talk' rules, I guess, but not caring, I kissed him softly on the mouth again, this time exploring inside his lips as they opened, then working under his tongue and back to his throat, running the tip of my tongue everywhere it could reach. "You're beautiful, Toby- even the way you like to be humiliated is beautiful; thank you for letting me do it... You drive me fucking wild when you talk dirty to me, too... and I love you, my friend... I love you." I blew my own mind when I heard myself speak that last sentence. I knew it was true but I'd never admitted it into consciousness before- we'd enjoyed each others' company and there had been an understanding and trust between us for years. Now, unexpectedly, those bonds were strengthened and amplified by a physical one, and I realized I loved every part of him. We were slut-brothers, ha-ha... We stared at each other for a moment, and then his soft lips pressed on mine. We opened our mouths to each other as Toby pushed back on Ricky's cock in his ass. I drove my tongue into Toby's throat, then sucked on his for a little; I could feel my cock getting hard again. "How's that cock in your black ass feelin', Toby?" I whispered again. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhh... it's soooo goooooood..." "Wouldja like somethin' to suck on, boy? Would the nigger slut like a white cock to suck on while he's gettin' fucked?" I said out loud as I put my cock on his lips. Toby moaned, grabbing my ass and pulling my cock back into his mouth hungrily. "Suck, boy, suck," I said quietly, "but, listen to me now: Do it gentle, do it slow... show that white cock how much you love it... Yeah, that's gooooood... that's very good..." By the last couple of sentences I was whispering again. "Suck it, Toby, suck... Show me you love me, bitch..." Toby whimpered, one hand holding my asscheek while the other stroked the base of my cock, lips and tongue working on the head and shaft... sucking... licking... I slid down and kissed him again, another long, hot, tongue-filled kiss. It ended when he and Ricky needed to stop for more lube. Ricky took the opportunity to go and wash his cock off instead, then came back and relit the joint. After a few tokes, we were flying again. "I want you guys to trade places," Toby said. "I want you both ways..." He got up on his knees and began to suck Ricky's cock, his round, black ass rolling around slowly up in the air just a couple of feet from me. I squeezed and kneaded it, slipping my fingers inside him, then getting behind him. I grabbed the lube tube, filled it and shot it into his open hole before covering my cock with the same stuff. Staring as my shiny pink shaft slid into his dark brown ass, I watched until it disappeared altogether, the globes flattening against my skin. Holding him by his small waist, I pulled him back even tighter; I flexed and he squeezed, squirming slowly. Ricky lay on his back as Toby sucked him, watching as his black hands moved all over his body; he caressed Toby's head, speaking softly. "Ohhhyeahhhhhh... suck my cock, boy... suck it, nigga... ain't no lower life-form than a nigga that sucks white cock- you know that, boy? And I think you like it, don'cha? You love bein' a white-cock-suckin' nigga slave, huh? Suck that white cock like you love it, boy... Yeah... that's it... maybe I'll leave you a tip..." That last line made us all start laughing, and Ricky's cock slipped out of Toby's mouth- but not for long... Ricky and I were too close to orgasm to be distracted by humor for more than a few seconds. Seeing his round ass squirming... his muscled, narrow waist with my hands around it... listening to the sounds of his mouth sucking and Ricky moaning... feeling the soft skin on the backs of Toby's thighs sliding on the fronts of mine as he rolled his ass around and squeezed my cock- all of it soon pushed me over the edge, and I came. Hands on his hipbones, I pulled him back hard against me, driving my cock 'way deep inside, feeling his thighs and his round ass-cheeks pressing against me; he whimpered around Ricky's cock and squirmed even more, squeezing the base of my cock again and again. Ricky was holding Toby's head, his own head held back, tendons taut as he came, too; Toby's mouth was working furiously, licking and swallowing. We collapsed against each other as soon as the orgasms receded, lying close with Toby in the middle. A few moments later, the door opened and an older man stuck his head inside. "Hey... I wondered what happened to you guys... It's curfew, lovers. Come on! Get up and get outta here- you don't want your parents callin' the cops to look for you..." he said with a smile. We jumped to our feet, quicky showered, dressed and went out the basement door under the deck in the back. It was just past seven-thirty. Before we left, Toby told me the code to punch into the lock on the door.
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