Rohini Kasturi Male United States of America

Rohini Kasturi has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of SolarWinds, a leader in IT management software, as Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer. Personally chosen by the CEO for this pivotal role, he has led the company's strategic shift towards a SaaS model, resulting in remarkable growth in bookings, subscriptions, renewals, and EBITDA.

Before SolarWinds, he made a notable impact as the Chief Product and Development Officer at Pulse Secure, where he significantly increased the bookings for the Zero-Trust Security Portfolio and was a crucial figure in the company's acquisition by Ivanti. As VP/GM of Cloud and Data Management BU at Veritas Technologies, he launched the industry's first multi-cloud data and information management SaaS platform. His entrepreneurial spirit is also evident in founding, a cloud virtualization technology company Veritas later acquired.

Recognized for his strategic and financial insight, he has excelled in scaling SaaS businesses, leading successful acquisitions, and driving major organizational transformations. His empathetic and results-oriented leadership style has earned him roles as an active board member, advisor, and leader in various cyber-tech committees. His contributions to the SaaS industry have been acknowledged with numerous awards and patents.

Under his stewardship, SolarWinds shifted from a traditional licensing model to a subscription-first approach, markedly enhancing its market position. He has skillfully managed the customer journey, integrating product-led growth strategies to elevate user engagement and experience. His leadership has also been crucial in expanding the Thwack developer community.
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