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Ron Book is a well-respected businessman and community leader in Florida. Drawing on his expansive network of relationships with past and current business trailblazers, Ron ensures each client gets the best possible advice and guidance. Serious but personable, Ron commits his time and expertise to different relationships throughout the state. He has served on numerous philanthropic boards, including the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Crisis Center, the Close Friends organization, and the Lamenting Family Foundation.

Mr. Book, the esteemed President and CEO of Ronald L. Book, P.A., stands as a towering figure in Florida's governmental affairs and lobbying. With a career spanning over four decades, his firm, having offices in both Tallahassee and South Florida, has earned a reputation for excellence in representing diverse clients. These clients range from top-tier corporations to local governments, healthcare organizations, and non-profits, showcasing his versatility and profound understanding of various sectors.

His unwavering commitment to his clients and relentless pursuit of their interests are at the core of his success. This dedication has earned him respect and admiration and cemented his position as a key player in Florida's political arena. His expertise encompasses several critical areas: economic development, environmental policy, housing, transportation, healthcare, and more. He uniquely influences public policy and decision-making, shaping the debates on issues that garner significant public interest.

Mr. Book's journey in state policymaking began in the 1970s with the Florida State Legislature. This experience was the foundation of a career that would see him ascend to prominent roles, including serving as Special Counsel and head of Legislative Affairs for Governor Bob Graham. His tenure at the Miami-based firm of Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, Heilbronner & Book, P.A., further reinforced his stature in Florida's political landscape.
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