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If you're about to attend a prestigious culinary event, you'll want to know how to wear a chef hat. With the designs available today, it's easy to get your outfit spot on.

Think of how to wear a chef hat as an expression of your personality. It could be any one of these; however, we like to see a school of thought when it comes to appearance. This style is often considered a "must have" in the event planner's toolbox, but it's important to remember that your design will tell the story of the event.

Hats are fun and can easily come together to form a cohesive ensemble. Many chef hats are cropped or tucked-in for that perfect, professional look. Your dress shirt, tie, and shoes all need to complement the hat, whether they be in black, red, or white.

Take some time to think about how you plan to wear the hat. Many people choose to match their outfit with a chef hat, so they can flaunt it without being noticed. Alternatively, the hat is more about showing the audience that you care about your image. Whether you're out in a boardroom, a social gathering, or just at a local restaurant, you will always want to make sure your hats look great.

Hats should be comfortable. Anything that's thick is going to restrict your range of movement, and the back of the hat may even fall down over your eyes. The key is to avoid heavy hats that are too big, as they are uncomfortable and look awkward.

Keep in mind that chef hats are usually clipped in, and you won't want to put them on with your hair pulled up. It's very easy to do this with along haired outfit, such as a tuxedo.

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