Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

Social Nuts is a tribe serious about all things social media, blogging, business & life. We know the tools and the tech. However, what we get genuinely nuts about are things like ROI, adding value to our followers, blogs that rock, being unique in our niche & making people smile. rnrnIf you eat, sleep & dream about tweet streams, hashtags, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora & know your #EAv worth without thinking then we may be for you. You don\'t have to be an addict, but possibly may get the shakes if someone were to take your smart phone away for longer than 30 minutes (joking). rnrnThe other important factor is we are serious about these things but we also have fun. If you can\'t take a joke, can\'t push back if we state something you don\'t believe in then we\'re not your tribe. If you\'re ready to Get Real in both business and life then maybe you are.