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Tyler Lee Burlage has succeeded as a recognized company leader with a track record in investing and growth ten years after beginning his adventure. He has founded successful enterprises in several sectors, including real estate, transportation, business finance, business insurance, and equipment leasing.

Burlage's finest professional achievements center on assisting and motivating firms, especially family-owned ones, to expand. In the insurance sector, he assisted in turning a modest business into a successful market leader, finally leading to the family business collaborating with one of the world's fastest-growing insurance giants. Burlage, a business associate in the transportation sector, gave the company access to funding and networking possibilities, leading to a tenfold sales increase within two years. He also held the position of Vice President of Sales, where he helped the Peoples Insurance Agency defeat more than 200 other agencies globally to claim the AssuredPartners Agency of the Year award.

Burlage has earned a solid reputation as a professional insurance thanks to his vast background in risk management, underwriting, captive insurance, real estate investment, transportation, dining, hospitality, and commercial financing.

Like Burlage's, his family prioritizes giving back to the community and spending quality time with friends and family. He loves being outside and especially loves downhill skiing. During the rest of the year, he spends his downtime with family and friends; during the winter, he enjoys the beautiful scenery and powdered snow. His favourite interests are sailing, golfing, riding around in his Can-Am, and cruising along open roads. He takes pleasure in them since they allow him to unwind and spend time with friends from around the world.

Tyler Burlage sponsors neighbourhood activities and charitable organizations to inspire the next generation of business owners. In the same way that his community, family, and friends have supported him, he aims to inspire the following generations to realize their potential in life and give back to their communities.
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