Week 10 - Lost 2 3/4 pounds
Week 11 - Lost 2 pounds
Week 12 - Lost 1 1/2 pounds
The third month lost 7 3/4 pounds
All out weight lost in 12 weeks = 28 3/4 pounds.
So regardless I have to lose 6 1/4 pounds before I achieve my goal of 35 pounds.
I think I will get here within the following month or more.
They state that the last few pounds are the hardest to lose, nevertheless, I'm taking in stacks of accommodating suggestions from the Venus Factor discussion so I make sure I'll get here quickly!
Subsequent to getting more in shape I have discovered I have substantially more vitality and end up having to do pack more instead of merely depression on the love seat. It's verging on like another lease of life.
In addition, it's really enjoyable that loads of individuals have said on my weight decrease and even asked me how I have actually been doing it.
That is something you can look forward as well on the off chance that you provide yourself to the Venus Factor framework.
Should You Buy The Venus Factor?
Because I've had amazing outcomes with the Venus Factor you may think the response is yes, purchase it.
Be that as it may, I'm not here attempting and provide you anything so my suggestion is to take a 2nd and in?uire as to whether you're really committed to getting fit.


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