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#Howto Use Twitter Advanced Search for Business #smm

This week's #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to use Twitter Advanced Search to find new connections to follow, relevant conversations to engage with and how to......
  • Jacob Curtis
    Jacob Curtis 16 hours ago
    Thanks, Brian! I thought the part about using Advanced Search against your competitors was especially awesome. Idea came to me while I was making the tutorial haha.
  • Brian Fanzo
    Brian Fanzo 16 hours ago
    Great stuff as always!
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    The First Step To Decluttering Your Life by @MonicaRicci

    Photo Credit: ali edwards via Compfight cc   by Monica Ricci | Featured Contributor  In addition to my full time productivity and speaking business I, along with my......
  • Melissa Stewart
    Melissa Stewart 11 hours ago
    Mine doesn't look like this either Brian. You are not alone :)
  • Brian Fanzo
    Brian Fanzo 16 hours ago
    My Office doesn't look anything like this... So jealous!
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    Sleepy Hollow Review: Love Triangles + Warlock Time Out

    Oh, so now we’re starting to see something intriguing with Katrina. My last post about the Ichabod + Katrina ship (or, Ichitrina, as I like to call it) hit the nail on......
  • Alesha Escobar
    Alesha Escobar 1 day ago
    I know the feeling! I'd be missing it if I didn't have Hulu.
  • Samantha LaFantasie
    Samantha LaFantasie 1 day ago
    I can't get enough of the show. Sadly, I keep missing out on it. :( I'm looking into getting dish back so we can save money, get more channels (including ones for the kids), and record our shows so we can watch when our schedule allows. I hate missing my shows!
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    Easy Apple Cranberry Crisp

    I'll be honest, when I first saw this recipe as a choice to make for my Allrecipes assignment this month, I was not sure it would turn out.  The recipe comes......
  • Patty Anderson
    Patty Anderson 22 hours ago
    Gave this lots of love Renee!
  • Renee Paj
    Renee Paj 1 day ago
    I am adding them manually. While I know they won't show up when the article is tweeted, having a photo attached helps others to see it and therefore it receives better interaction. IDK why some ppl's photos load and others do not. No one on Triberr ever answered my emails or the bonfire I started with the question, except for one random person who left information that was incorrect. It's a shame really, because photos are such a huge part of blogging and if this platform intends on helping bloggers, the photos of all feeds should show. Anyway, thanks so much for the compliments on this photo, and yeah, every time I see it, I want to make it again! haha I think I ended up eating most of it when I made it! haha
  • Marion Myers
    Marion Myers 1 day ago
    Every time I see this I get a craving for apple crisp! Looks sooo good! Are your pics showing up now, or are you still having to upload them?!
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    Content Marketing: A Cheat Sheet For Content Marketing Hacks

      An infographic and guest post by my colleague, Russel Cooke Optimizing your work on social media means looking at the format of each of your platforms and making sure......
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie
    Sue Anne Dunlevie 3 hours ago
    Thanks SO much for letting me know, Brian. I have my web guy on this now.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Brian D. Hawkins
    Brian D. Hawkins 4 hours ago
    Yep, I'm not seeing the graphics either Sue. I don't even see your header image or your "about" photo in the sidebar. I'm getting a "Forbidden" message when I try to open images in a new tab so it might be the permissions in your wp-content/uploads folders. Just guessing, it's not my expertise. ;)
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie
    Sue Anne Dunlevie 17 hours ago
    Hi, Donald,

    I'll check it out - I had trouble with it this morning and thought it was fixed. I'll go fix it right now.

    Thanks for letting me know!
  • Donald McLeman
    Donald McLeman 17 hours ago
    Hi, Sue, just a heads up, I couldn't see the infographic in my broswers, is the link broken?
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    Buffer Adds Brilliant Scheduling Piece for Bloggers

    If you've read my checklist for promoting new blog posts, you know that as soon as you publish a new post to your blog, you're supposed to promote that post to all of......
  • Dorien Morin van Dam
    Dorien Morin van... 1 hour ago
    The only problem I am having is that if you want to modify a tweet, it will not carry through to the new scheduler! Say you want to add an hashtag, or add something to the link... that will not show up so you have to manually make those changes for each tweet.
  • Neal Schaffer
    Neal Schaffer 14 hours ago
    Awesome stuff Mike - thanks for sharing!
  • Lilah
    Lilah 15 hours ago
    I am just now starting to use Buffer, so I am still getting the hang on it. This new feature makes me excited to really get my feet wet.
  • Brian Fanzo
    Brian Fanzo 16 hours ago
    Love this new feature... I was stoked as soon as I saw the update!
  • Lloyd Evaroa
    Lloyd Evaroa 17 hours ago
    I like the sound of this. I really like buffer due to the design, plenty of negative space to make navigating around easy.
  • Kenna Griffin
    Kenna Griffin 23 hours ago
    I LOVE Buffer. I seriously couldn't have social media productivity without it.
  • @ywnh
    @ywnh 2 days ago
    Sounds like a really valuable new tool. I am just starting to use a scheduling tool for my social networking and post sharing. Buffer looked easier for me to focus on my content message. This will likely just make me an even bigger fan.
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    Super Easy Budget Stretching Meatloaf and Noodles

    The downside to having all these boys in my house is that they want a LOT of meat.  And, meat is not cheap, especially in Alaska where a pound of ground beef is......
  • Laura O Neill
    Laura O Neill 2 days ago
    I agree, Diane! One pound of meatloaf went a long way.
  • Diane Hoffmaster
    Diane Hoffmaster 2 days ago
    looks yummy! And cutting down on meat is definitely a good way to save money!
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    The Art of Telling It Quick #flashfiction #shortstories

    I recently had the unique pleasure of reading submissions for a writing contest. The subject: adult fiction short story and adult flash fiction. First and foremost, I......
  • Jami Gray
    Jami Gray 2 days ago
    I'm so glad it helped, Denise. I really admire those that can get a story together in such tight page counts!
  • Denise W.
    Denise W. 2 days ago
    Good post! I've been struggling with writing a flash fiction story. Your piece has motivated me to refocus on my story and try some different things. Thanks!
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    Stay: Cannery Pier Hotel, Astoria, Oregon

    Situated right on the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon, the Cannery Pier Hotel is one stay I just can't shake. I don't remember the last time a......
  • Adina Marguerite Pease
    Adina Marguerite... 2 days ago
    Thanks Ryan! It is pretty great - I can't wait until I get a chance to make it back for a longer stay.
  • Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph 2 days ago
    Looks like a beautiful spot. Happy to tweet this!
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    8 Steps to Build Brand Awareness with Short Domains

    Your business may have a number of social profiles- Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. As well as promoting your own content (such as videos, articles or......
  • Ian Anderson Gray
    Ian Anderson Gray 2 days ago
    Thanks, Ash! I think I am starting into get into a good blogging rhythm. Thanks also for your great Canva tips. I know it's not perfect- I've not quite to grips with how it works. I was quite pleased with my attempt, but I do agree with the blue. I don't think you can change the colour of some of the icons, but maybe you can? I need some Canva lessons!
  • Ashley F
    Ashley F 2 days ago
    hey Ian, your posts are rocking. And you are getting the image thing down. Just the light blue is a bit off. Stick to set colors that match your website :>
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    The Definitive Guide: How to Build a Successful Tweet Chat #Twitter #DadChat

    We’ve all seen how ubiquitous hashtags have become and how everyone in media is using them. In #SocialMedia, it’s now the standard way of getting attention on......
  • Bruce Sallan
    Bruce Sallan 20 hours ago
    I hope this column helps Professor but know that I'm available FOR YOU to help you get your chat started AT ANY TIME!
  • Kenna Griffin
    Kenna Griffin 23 hours ago
    I love this idea! I've been considering starting a chat for student media. I hope I can attend at least part of the chat tonight. I hate to miss, but you know our Thursdays have gotten family full.
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    How to become more influential - video

    The Two most Important Tip to Become Influential Society 3 asked about 100 business contacts how they characterize influence and whether the influential people they know......
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    How to Use Power Suggest Pro to Find Blog Niches and Post Ideas

    Regardless of what topics you cover at your blog, a never-ending challenge is finding topics that will interest your readers, encourage them to share it with others, and......
  • Donald McLeman
    Donald McLeman 17 hours ago
    I was really enjoying the article till I got to the point about the fee… I'd rather a free tool for now. Glad to share it though, it looks useful.
  • Marc Andre
    Marc Andre 1 day ago
    Thanks Sue, I appreciate it.
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie
    Sue Anne Dunlevie 2 days ago
    Commented on this post and shared it!

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    Attractions You Probably Didn't Know Existed in St. Augustine

    St. Augustine, FL is a major US tourist attraction, appealing to travelers all over the world who come to fall in love with its historical character and romantic charm.......
  • Megan Claire
    Megan Claire 2 days ago
    Thanks JP! St Augustine is definitely one of my favorites! Great idea re walking tot he fort at sunset - I imagine that would be an amazing view!
  • JP Chartier
    JP Chartier 2 days ago
    Great choices Megan! I love St. Augustine :) Another wonderful thing to do is to walk the shoreline at sunset leading up to the fort - so beautiful!!
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    How to Create a Business Blog that Actually Brings In Business

    These days, if you're looking to expand your customer base online, I'd be willing to be that any SEO or digital marketing consultant you could hire will tell you the......
  • Brittany Bullen
    Brittany Bullen 2 days ago
    Don, thanks so much, I really appreciate that!
  • Don Purdum
    Don Purdum 2 days ago
    Fantastic article Brittany! You really nailed it and said it well. I'm sharing on Twitter and Google Plus.
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