Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

This is a specialist social media tribe. It is also a tribe that keeps it's posts about social media positive. We do not criticize any websites or people. It will only work if we keep it that way. This is the only way we will attract top members of the social media community. We are all new to this so we are happy to give a lot of leeway.The other great thing is that we are all friends and have have built up a considerable amount of trust and comraderie over the past few months and in some cases longer.It is completely up to you what you blog about but it is a simple matter to disable the connection to Triberr when you post anything not about social media.The posts should all be fresh content all written by you or a guest blogger on your site. They should not in any way promote your business but should be a sharing of everything you know about a particular social media subject. General guidelines - Please post no more than twice a week in the tribe discussion here on triberr.com. Please keep to the rules and write in here only twice a week and only if it is really vital to. Emergency level stuff only. Everything written goes to emails and we cannot risk people switching their emails to the off setting. Sometimes urgent messages need to be conveyed. Please post no more than 5 blogs per week