Uhm, a recent Triberr updated messed up my description here, so I had to delete it.

Eventually I'll have to write a new one...


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I've created a new Facebook group "Leaders of Triberr" for Triberr members and tribe leaders. We can network, share our best tips, or ask questions and get...
Rishabh Malik
Rishabh Malik 3 years ago
Hey, Ralf!

I just joined this group. Great idea! Hope to gain good support through it.
Also, I had one request to make- I'm new here. And I don't have any tribe. Could you send me an invite to one of the tribes, please? I would be really thankful to you.

Hope to stay connected.
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 4 years ago
Hello Monu, thanks for joining, I approved your request at Facebook. :)
Monu Ogbe
Monu Ogbe 4 years ago
Ralf, BTW, I usually find that misspelling peoples' names is a good way to generate rapport. Sorry.
Monu Ogbe
Monu Ogbe 4 years ago
hello Rolf,

Looking forward to being accepted into the Facebookk group. Am new to Triberr, but working VERY hard to earn my way into the affections of the chiefs :)

Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 4 years ago
Laura, that's interesting. Sometimes it's hard to know what works and what doesn't work with Triberr. Sent you an invite for the tribe.
Laura Pence Atencio
Laura Pence Atencio 4 years ago
I fixed the empty feed on Triberr issue. Basically, can't edit in shortcodes on post pages because they're invisible to Triberr.
David Brier
David Brier 4 years ago

Thanks for the message. The reason posts were showing uno twice has been fixed. Over to you. Glad to be part of the group. You can now do what you wanted without the liability of redundancy!

David Brier
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 4 years ago
Yuval, thanks for joining the fb group yesterday! :)
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 4 years ago
Thank you. Would be great to have you in the group, Adrienne. We already got 53 members in less than a week. :)
Adrienne Smith
Adrienne Smith 4 years ago
Well that's really awesome of you Ralf to put this together. I'm sure that everyone is going to find this so helpful. I'll be sure to stop in and take a look. Thank you!
YuvM 4 years ago
So glad I found this group! Great idea:)
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 4 years ago
Thanks for joining the group, Jen.
@HaveScotchWillTravel 4 years ago
Fantastic idea. Heading over there now.
Sherryl Perry
Sherryl Perry 4 years ago
Excellent idea!
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 4 years ago
Thanks for joining, Tom, I just saw it and approved your membership.
Tom Mallens
Tom Mallens 4 years ago
Thanks Ralf. Just joined the FB group.
Alex Man
Alex Man 4 years ago
Great Idea :)
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Decision is the ultimate power. When we read quotes like this one from Tony Robbins, we usually think about the big, life-changing decisions. Putting an end to...
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Since Matt Cutt’s recent remarks, we’re all a bit more self-conscious about guest blogging, aren’t we? Today I received an email, offering a guest post for my...
Tim Simpson
Tim Simpson 6 years ago
It's do funny how so many break the biggest principal when asking for something from someone and that's make it about the other person by providing value first. We live in such a me world and letters in like this just are a constant reminder to me to serve and give before asking. Thanks for the sharing.
Thanks Tim
Cendrine Marrouat
Cendrine Marrouat 6 years ago
This is spam, pure and simple. I receive so much that I don't even respond anymore. It's a waste of time.
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 6 years ago
That's probably true, Carmen. I still think this email was way too much. Plus, it gives a pretty could indication of the quality of guest post you can expect. Let's face it: it's SEO crap guest posting - and it deserves to be called out!
carmen.blyth 6 years ago
Sounds as if it was outsourced to a subcontinent centre - the language used is typical of the area so don;t be too harsh on the writer. Epithets are the norm there!
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Just a few days ago Klout revolutionized its public facing service. It’s a gigantic shift; Klout transformed into something completely different – on the...
Daniel Melbye (Nonprofit Dan)
Daniel Melbye (Nonprofit Dan) 5 years ago
It will be interesting to see how this changes. I gave up on Klout a long time ago. The question is, do we really need another social sharing tool?

What I do find interesting is the revenue model. Most tools are heading towards advertising which can damage the organic sharing that those platforms were built on where Klout uses a very different way to generate income
Yomar Lopez
Yomar Lopez 6 years ago
At this point, I see Klout as a train wreck: I know I shouldn't watch but I can't turn my head away. There will always be standards of measurement that people foolishly adopt, only to have hidden agendas fulfilled. Klout is no different than just about any other set of credentials but, in this case, it's clear that they want a captive audience and want to develop a dependency. Without a massive user base, they have no value.. They're mining for data and peddling products. Then again, how is this different from Facebook? Same principle, different metrics. ;o)
Cate Russell-Cole
Cate Russell-Cole 6 years ago
I am openly anti-klout as it is simply a marketing ploy, which some use as a measure of success and allow themselves to be depressed or elated by. It's a cleverly run smoke screen for pushing products. Just read through carefully, all the dirt is there.
Robi Garcia
Robi Garcia 6 years ago
I don't pay much attention to Klout. It doesn't really do much for me, but I did notice the new change. I will wait to see what they do to build it out to see if I would use it or not.
Ted Coine
Ted Coine 6 years ago
I opted out of Klout 2.5 or more years ago because I don't like the ethic they're trying to promote (that interacting with some people is more valuable than interacting with others). I also don't believe they measure actual influence. Opting out hasn't hurt me in any way. I recommend it.
Largo Marketing
Largo Marketing 6 years ago
The new Klout is buggy ... sort of nasty to be true.
Melany Berger
Melany Berger 6 years ago
I am not very happy with the new Klout either. I was having a lot of error messages as well. Klout disconnects my FB page all the time!
Angie 6 years ago
Yeah, I'm not a fan of the new Klout. I dislike that you can no longer add topics that are relevant to you, rather you have to use their suggested topics. So I guess we'll see what happens but right now I'm just not impressed.
Clint Butler
Clint Butler 6 years ago
I have tried to figure out the new Klout pages but it keeps giving me errors while navigating, I'll have to wait and see with this one. Shared it for you!
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 6 years ago
Michelly, I guess they are unhappy with their business. They frequently try half-hearted things that don't seem to work out, i.e. Klout experts or the new q&a app. I forgot the name.

They should communicate more openly.

Jason, now I would wait until we learn more about the acquisition before i put time into Klout.
Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey 6 years ago
I've ignored Klout for a while, but it looks like it's time to check it out again, thanks Ralf
Samson Ogola
Samson Ogola 6 years ago
I read it through and must say, I feel more informed. .I just realized how little I knew about Klout.. Thanks..
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez 6 years ago
Interesting and detailed post. I know tons of people who use Klout and they'd love to know what's going on. Shared!
Michelle D Harris
Michelle D Harris 6 years ago
OH read the post before you comment, thats the best bet sorry lol - but that was an update, no comment they said lol :)
Michelle D Harris
Michelle D Harris 6 years ago
There was talk that they are selling klout - they've denied to comment so I'm not sure what that means http://www.businessinsider.com/klout-acquired-2014-2
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2014 is the year social media marketing will grow up! Are you busy spreading yourself thin on all social platforms? Did they tell you, social media will bring you tons...
Robi Garcia
Robi Garcia 6 years ago
In my opinion Facebook no longer qualifies as free marketing, since the only way people see a pages activity is by promoting it. "Free marketing" can still work, but it has to be combined with a solid marketing strategy and channels that fit this strategy and the goals that are set. However, most businesses that are looking to do it for free do not have the knowledge to develop these strategies or know what goals to set.
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 6 years ago
@ Anastacia: Still, there might be other marketing channels where you'd get much better business results with the same investment of fun and creativity.
Anastacia Hauldridge
Anastacia Hauldridge 6 years ago
Where there is a will I always find a fun and creative way which increases my edge rank and engagement on my fan page.
Melany Berger
Melany Berger 6 years ago
Yes! This post is very true. Fb is becoming more difficult to navigate even with promoted posts because of strict guidelines.
Ralf Skirr
Ralf Skirr 6 years ago
Hm, Nancy, that must be Facebook's new keep-critical-posts-off-facebook algo. :-) Or just a temporary glitch...
Nancy Bain
Nancy Bain 6 years ago
Unfortunately, it would not allow me to share to my FB page?
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