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Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

This tribe is dedicated to authors, reviewers, and bloggers who write and/or read MF, MENAGE/POLYAMORY, GBLT, LBGT and/or BDSM, erotica and wish to PROMOTE their book.

This is only a PROMOTION tribe for NEW RELEASES!

This tribe is based on reciprocity: we approve everyone blogs so we can potentially achieve the total tribe reach of followers of this tribe.

no exception.

Since Triberr is now restricting members up to 30 per tribe only, this tribe will accept only active members dedicated to approve every pending blogs in their stream from this tribe.


1) Click on YOUR NAME at the top
4) Be sure your Twitter account is linked
If there is a save or ok button, click that.
6) Enter your RSS feed (http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=97933 if you need help finding that)
7)If there is a save or ok button, click that.
8) Click TRIBES at the top
9) Choose this tribe
10) Left side, click TRIBE SETTINGS
11) Use the pull-downs to connect the tribe to your Twitter account and your blog (that you entered above)
12) If there is a save or ok button, click that.
If that all looks okay, go back to the beginning and go to your settings again. Click MANUALLY IMPORT under your blog and any posts newer than 2 weeks should now add to the tribe stream. The other thing to check under your settings is how often you want posts sent out as tweets (CONTENT SETTINGS. The minimum is 20 minutes)

APPROVALS must be done ONCE A DAY. Approve all posts.
The ONLY exception is if the blogpost is not book-related. We cannot force people to agree on politics or religion or strong point of views but if the blog post is book-related then we approve with no exception. If you want to read the content, click on the titles and you will be directed to the blog itself.

Want the most out of your posts? USE # (HASHTAGS) and @"person mentioned" so it feeds into twitter in tweet language. If you do not want your blog title to look funny with the # and @ signs, come into Triberr after your post goes live, click on My Posts, click on the screwdriver symbol on your post and edit the title there. It will then go out to your tribe mates with the symbols. Using these symbols will increase your blog traffic.

EVERY MEMBER must be active people who daily approve each post. It takes 10 minutes-a-day. We already spend hours on Facebook and Twitter so there is no excuse to avoid those 10 min on Triberr.

If you need a break (vacation, convention trip, etc), come here and leave a note to let us know. The reason is simple: we know when a person does not approve our blog posts and since everyone has the same rule to approve, this may avoid hurt feelings that others aren't pulling their weight.

PROMOTIONAL status: It is the responsibility to each one of us to make sure that the promotional status does not show up. Words like WINNER, HOP, GIVEAWAY, FREE, DEAL, PROMOTION and a couple more in your title will turn it promotional. Go to MY POSTS, clic on TOOLS, CHANGE and UPUDATE. This will not change your title on your blog. ALL PROMOTIONAL BLOGS PENDING IN THE STREAM CAN BE DELETED AND NOT APPROVED BY MEMBERS.
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