Blogger Tribe (Public Tribe)

A tribe for authors who mix a little kink in their stories and will commit to helping other tribe members share their blog posts too. To keep it simple, here are the basic "rules" in the format of a POW WOW...

1) Click on YOUR NAME at the top
4) Be sure your Twitter account is linked
If there is a save or ok button, click that.
6) Enter your RSS feed (http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=97933 if you need help finding that)
7)If there is a save or ok button, click that.
8) Click TRIBES at the top
9) Choose this tribe
10) Left side, click TRIBE SETTINGS
11) Use the pull-downs to connect the tribe to your Twitter account and your blog (that you entered above)
12) If there is a save or ok button, click that.
If that all looks okay, go back to the beginning and go to your settings again. Click MANUALLY IMPORT under your blog and any posts newer than 2 weeks should now add to the tribe stream. The other thing to check under your settings is how often you want posts sent out as tweets (CONTENT SETTINGS. The minimum is 20 minutes)

APPROVALS must be done ONCE A DAY.
Triberr has a 100-post limit in your queue. You can only approve 100 posts daily. Since Triberr sends your tweets at the rate of 3 an hour/ 72 a day, you will potentially have more posts than possible to send in a day... or maybe not depending on how many tribes/ tribemates you have.

Try to approve all posts. If a tribemate posts more than one blog post per day, the minimum expectation is to approve at least one. If you choose not to approve a second post from the same tribemate in the same day, simply use the "x' on the right hand side to delete the post you won't send. This is only okay if there is more than one post by that same person on the same day!

Time sensitive material should be manually tweeted. Things like daily giveaway, blog hops or a specific daily post or if you notice a tribemate has a giveaway or hop, you can help them out by tweeting immediately. How? To do a manual tweet, first click APPROVE. Then along the bottom of the post, click TWEET. It adds just a second to your work but doubles your post, meaning it gets tweeted NOW and then in the queue for LATER which helps your fellow tribemates and comes back later to help YOU!

MEMBERS OF THIS TRIBE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MUTE ANOTHER MEMBER OF THIS TRIBE. By joining, you are stating you are OK with highly erotic material so there is no reason to MUTE anyone. However, this feature is now available but it completely undermines the goals of a tribe. Our ultimate goal is to increase blog viewership by working as a team. We cannot do that unless we all approve all of one another's posts. No Muting.

You are a writer so write a good post title. When using Triberr (and therefor, twitter), your title is nearly more important than the actual content. If your title is good, people will gravitate to it.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Be creative and include something that displays your brand.

USE # (HASHTAGS) and @"person mentioned" so it feeds into twitter in tweet language. Use # on searchable/ common words; for example, #Review, #Author, #SixSunday, #*blog hop titles*, #*book series*, etc. Use @*guest name* if it's a guest post. Incorporating these will maximize your reach on twitter and increase the chance of your post being approved quickly when a tribemate has to choose because of the limit.

If you do not want your blog title to look funny with the # and @ signs, come into Triberr after your post goes live, click on My Posts, click on the screwdriver symbol on your post and edit the title there. It will then go out to your tribemates with the symbols. Using these symbols will increase your blog traffic. I've tried it and I have the stats to prove it.

Daily approve posts. It takes 10 minutes-a-day. We already spend hours on Facebook and Twitter so there is no excuse to avoid those 10 min on Triberr (wink - wink).

If you need a break (vacation, convention trip, etc), come here and leave a note to let us know. The reason is simple: we know when a person does not approve our blog posts and since everyone has the same rule to approve, this may avoid hurt feelings that others aren't pulling their weight.

The tribe together has a higher REACH possibility than each member as an individual (all our twitter followers put together is called our "reach"). So we all need to work together... the NUMBER ONE RULE is: It only works if every tribemate does their part!

Keep Writing! Keep reading! And definitely keep being Kinky!
Paloma ;)
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