Dan Cristo

Fixed: Max Exceed Limit

Some users are still getting incorrect max exceed errors. This should now be resolved.

What caused it?
To calculate how many posts you have approved at a time, we looked at all the posts you have scheduled across any platform. So if you have Twitter, FB and Linkedin connected, we looked at the highest number any single platform had approved. So if you had 20 posts approved for Twitter and 150 for LinkedIn, then it would show as hitting the max approvals, because LinkedIn exceed the limit.

We've changed this to look at each platform individually. So if Twitter has 20 approvals, and LinkedIn has 150, we'll still approve the post for Twitter, but not LinkedIn.

These sort of changes also pave the way for more control over what you send to each platform. So down the road we plan to introduce different sharing frequencies per platform. This way you can share to Twitter every 20 minutes, and Facebook every hour.

It also let's us build some advanced scheduling features where you can set posts to send at certain times to certain platforms, or NOT send at certain times.

The goal here is to create a more advanced scheduling system, and this is one step in that direction.


11 years ago