Abdul Malik

Everything You Need To Know About Yellow Pages Reviews Remember those days when people use to write on typewriters, watch only few TV channels. You must be thankful to Yellow Pages that they have created a big directory. Yellow Pages reviews are known for quality reviews for people who are looking for helpful product reviews and accurate results. Why are Yellow Pages different? So, why Yellow Pages is different from other business directories. Unlike other websites, where you can just post reviews on businesses and other services. Yellow Pages offers a platform where users can easily find details about a specific business. This website enables customers to write a review of the business listings. How to post reviews on Yellow Pages? For post, a review on Yellow Pages, just log in. You will find the sign-in option for the website on the upper right corner. For sign-in two options are available. You can either sign-in using the ‘sign-in’ option using your Facebook account. To create a new account, just click on the join button. After signup, you will then be redirected to the homepage of Yellow Pages. At the top of the page, you will find two search fields. Use this field to search for the specific business that you want to give a review. Now click on the blue search option to launch business listings. You will then be directed to a list of business similar to the one you are searching. Just search for the business that will match the one you have entered in the search option. Here you will find ‘Be the first to review’ option besides the business listings. Write the business review in detail and then click on the Yellow button below the review box. Final words: Yellow Pages reviews are an important factor to check your business rankings. This blog is specially written to give you a brief intro about the Yellow Pages. To get genuine Yellow Pages reviews, here you will get genuine reviews and ratings from our community members. So, be part of our community and make your small business worthwhile.

2 months ago