Duchess Minerva

Maybe it happened to you.

You've invested a part of the writing, carefully making each paragraph, sentence, and phrase. Your valuable words, you have the right to the right - to know the right audience to attract the right they knew.

You finally hit 'publish', and what happened? There is nothing. Nada No one read them Even your friends and family No links, no favorites, no comments; People said they liked your work, and you still will not get the right results.

So you are thinking now: Do you have to be patient and wait for snowballs for your traffic?

Or does your writing really suck and your wellwives only protect your fine artistic sensitivity?

Wonderfully simple truth
The solution is simple To get results and create an effect:

Write about the things people really want to read.
Learn to write well about them (and write them even better).
People will see where you publish it.

3 years ago