Dan Cristo

Enhancement - Sharing from read window

I'm a huge fan of the read window on Triberr. For those who aren't sure what the read window is, just click on the name of a post in the Tribal Stream, and a window will open up where you can quickly read the post.

One thing that really annoyed me about the window is that I couldn't share a post from the window. It's normally not an issue, as I could just close out of it, and share from the stream, but what if I clicked on a Live Conversation and wanted to share from there? There just wasn't a way to do that... Until now!

We've added a share button at the top right of the read window. Additionally we've moved the "visit website" and "close" buttons near the new share button on the right.

Now I know it looks a little funny having the share button on top of the visit website button, but we're doing that because we plan on adding other social network sharing buttons to the right of the Triberr share button. All in due time.


11 years ago