Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery.


If you too are tasked with establishing an innovation practice at a medium sized corporation, you'll probably find these videos relatable and will want to skim the...
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It’s a nightmare scenario. You log in to your cloud provider’s billing system to check your invoice and find that your bill has increased by up to three...
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Is it important for a VC firm to have a content strategy? I believe the answer is yes, and here's why. Content helps you grow your authority and reputation...
Amazon CARES charity -Community Animal Rescue, Edu
Amazon CARES charity -Community Animal Rescue, Edu 3 years ago
Haven't seen you in forever. Just shared to 20.6 k followers... a year late. Sorry
Dino Dogan
Dino Dogan 5 years ago
Great question, Gabriella. I'm experimenting with calls to action. Leaving the comments open "invites" people to leave a comment and thats not what I want the reader to do in this instance. The primary CTA was to email me, the secondary was to share, and tertiary [if it existed] would be to leave a comment, but I decided to take it off the table to see what happens. In theory, 2 options [as opposed to 3] should eliminate choice paralysis.
Gabriella Sannino
Gabriella Sannino 5 years ago
So what's up with no comments allowed on that post? Odd considering it's all about commenting, sharing and promoting other peoples work... :)
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The problem we face when learning something new is that it's often taught by experts who have no recollection of what its like to be a novice. Furthermore, being an...
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This article almost didn't happen because I was having so much fun learning how to code on Codecademy. For the past few days, I've been coding my butt off. Why? Two...
Abd Qoyyuum
Abd Qoyyuum 5 years ago
I totally love Codecademy. Of course, it shouldn't stop there. Codecademy can provide the most basic to a little advance, but if you wanna take it further, I recommend contributing to a couple of Github projects. Almost immediately you will find yourself a bit stuck on the web design (since you've studied HTML/CSS). The next resource site would be Mozilla Development Network (http://developer.mozilla.org) and then try out extra CSS stuff there.

That and plus, if you have already learnt jQuery, it's time to dig into their technical docs and build something. Make a slider, make a carousel, make anything!

Good luck and awesome post!
Leslie L Denning
Leslie L Denning 5 years ago
Hi Dino. When I first looked at the title of this, I thought, "This is not for me." Then I thought about the fact that I already do a little bit of coding and I know I could learn more. I think everything someone learns is just one more arrow in the quiver of success. I commented on your blog, shared, buffered, and followed you on Twitter. Thanks for telling us about this resource.
Lisa Mason
Lisa Mason 5 years ago
Wooo! Love Codeacademy. Also laughing profusely at the graphic.
Nature's Eyes
Nature's Eyes 5 years ago
Great post. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've tried some of the other methods, too, with varying degrees of boredom. I will sign up for CodeAcademy to hone my meager skills!
Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph 5 years ago
Well said Dino. Keep tweaking, keep experimenting, keep enjoying and keep lifting, to give Phil Heath some comp!
Connie Kittyblog
Connie Kittyblog 5 years ago
I'm just going to sit here and giggle all day over that image
Bryan Goodwin
Bryan Goodwin 5 years ago
Oh thanks Dino, you just gave me another time suck. Just spent the last 2 hours playing on this darn site! You rapscallion and scoundrel, but I hear your mother is a very nice lady.
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Mike Brooks and I do a weekly podcast interviewing TED speakers about their journey of delivering the most important talk of their life. It's called Road To TED and you...
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On April 22nd, Anchin is hosting Coinvent Media Summit 2015 in New York with an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists. I don't know how I made the...
Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey 5 years ago
The king of blog posts titles has done it again! Now I have to find your post about that ;)
nawaz sidd
nawaz sidd 5 years ago
I did not know that goig viral can be dangerous whatsapp DP
nawaz sidd
nawaz sidd 5 years ago
whatsapp DP
Future Fast Cars
Future Fast Cars 5 years ago
hmm ... not like that :p
Chocochata 5 years ago
Interesting points

Anne Newsome
Anne Newsome 5 years ago
Riff raff .... lol ... but true as a "rule" I would say!
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Bloggers are more powerful then they realize. That's often not true individually speaking, but collectively, content creators [I'm including podcasters and YouTubers...
Toby Nwazor
Toby Nwazor 4 years ago
I like the way you made your point. I have seen a lot of blogs with awards, how does that dilute their brands? In my opinion, it increases their credibility before their visitors. Or is that not so?
Corbin Spanko
Corbin Spanko 5 years ago
Well put! Definitely a useful resource!
DeKesha C. Williams, MBA
DeKesha C. Williams, MBA 5 years ago
Brand Dilution - Thanks for sharing. Yes, unfortunately it's a very smart marketing strategy for companies however monetary compensation is brilliant.
Nisha Pandey
Nisha Pandey 5 years ago
Hi Dino, This seems a wonderful guide. I must go through it in my free time. Thanks for sharing. Shared on my network.
Candid Writer
Candid Writer 5 years ago
Something that isn't really talked about that much but I agree.. if you're trying to build your brand there's no sense in putting a bunch of other logos or other company brands that take away from your own, but the reality is that some brand dilution is necessary in order to grow your own especially in a time where sharing content is common place and doing so through other larger brand mediums is the most effective way to do it.
Skip Prichard
Skip Prichard 5 years ago
Thoughtful, Dino. And the red shirt is getting as much attention, bringing more power to the brand!
My GBGV Life
My GBGV Life 5 years ago
interesting things to think about.
Melissa K. Clinton
Melissa K. Clinton 5 years ago
Very good information Dino! Thanks for sharing and I'll definitely keep it in mind going forward.
LynZ Scott
LynZ Scott 5 years ago
Every time you place someone else's logo on your blog, it dilutes your brand. - 100% agree with this!
Saul Fleischman
Saul Fleischman 5 years ago
In my case then, I should be sharing posts in the Triberr stream from RiteTag, rather than approving in Triberr.
Randy Hilarski
Randy Hilarski 5 years ago
I have been guilty of this in the past Dino. Now we focus almost entirely on 3 subjects or three businesses. I know even that is stretching it. Chasing squirrels is a disease that many serial entrepreneurs suffer. Nice article!
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What is The JOBS Act? It's a law that enables any company to sell equity stake to any kind of investor. Traditionally, only accredited investors could own equity...
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There are people out there who are telling CxOs to get on Twitter, start a blog, and engage with customers on Instagram. I was one of those people, I was wrong, and this...
Allen Mireles
Allen Mireles 5 years ago
Dino, I think you nailed it when you said, "Instead, I will focus on spending more time where my customers are, and I will meet them on their own terms." That's basic marketing and, in all likelihood very wise. Participating in social media differs for each one of us, as do our objectives in using it. That there are, and always will be, some people at the CXO level who use social skillfully is clear. That any of us is better served to go where our customers and prospects are is just as clear.
Janet Fouts
Janet Fouts 5 years ago
Oh exactly what Paul said! If they can't stay focused then how can they run a corp? Sure, some CXOs lose it, but the ones who get the value and power of social should definitely use it. The ones that don't get it or how to communicate should maybe go look for something less taxing.
Paul Lawley-Jones
Paul Lawley-Jones 5 years ago
"...the CxO becomes addicted to Social Media and loses focus on his job."

This is called 'self-control' and 'focus'. If CxOs don't have these qualities, how did they get to that position in the first place?

"Or at worst, the CxO quits to become a Social Media consultant."

Why is this the worst thing that could happen? Maybe the CxO would be better at being a social media consultant than being a CxO. Maybe there's a better CxO waiting in the wings.

"...it means that they are opening the company up for a possible leak, scandal, and corporate espionage."

And this didn't happen before the advent of social media? This is always a danger when there's no one to watch what's going on. I would also guess that, as many CxOs grew up without social media, they might not fully understand it, and make mistakes. The only difference with mistakes on social media is that they're immediate, global, and leave a permanent record.
Tom Treanor
Tom Treanor 5 years ago
Interesting article Dino. I do think there are a portion of startups that are partially (or greatly) propelled by the personal brand of a CXO/founder. So the ones that depend on the founder brand for PR/marketing should find a way to keep doing it but where it's forced (or not natural), find other ways...
Shirley Billson
Shirley Billson 5 years ago
Awesome blog. Thanks Dino. I feel so much better. I can lie down and feel ok about it.
Peg Fitzpatrick
Peg Fitzpatrick 5 years ago
Scary scary photo....
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How would you win a debate against an expert who is arguing for something most people already believe in? But wait, let's make it even more difficult. How would you win...
A smarter way of driving sales
A smarter way of driving sales 5 years ago
Interesting way of winning an audience over. It reminds me of science deniers from the news.
Neil Davidson
Neil Davidson 5 years ago
Great title Dino - I was compelled to read it even though I am short on time....Oh and interesting post too ;-)
Anita Hovey
Anita Hovey 5 years ago
Wooops... I totally misread that and thought it said "Canadian" not comedian LOL
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What are you doing on December 16th? Well, whatever it is, drop it and join me for Coinvent Startup Summit 2014 in New York, use “SpeakerVIP" code for 50%...
Mike Hinshaw
Mike Hinshaw 5 years ago
Wow Dino. Not having the Internet and having to use WiFi to share in Japan is very time consuming and I am going to be here 6 weeks! Bummer dude!
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Verizon and AT&T are using a new-fangled technology to track your every move and yesterday, Al Jazeera invited me to talk about it on their Morning News. The segment is...
Dustin W. Stout
Dustin W. Stout 5 years ago
Whoa... that's fun. Re-confirms how much I can't stand these big service providers.
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Last week my good friend and the queen of PR Dana Humphrey invited me take a pie in the face…for a good cause. The conversation went something like this. Dana: Hey...
Carol Amato
Carol Amato 5 years ago
I refer to that Life cereal commercial a lot, and this is the first time I've heard someone else reference it in a LOOooooooong time. Cool!
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You think you'll be reaching your customers with your articles, podcasts, or videos? Think again. This is an excerpt from the interview I did with Anthony Tran from...
Patricia A. Patton
Patricia A. Patton 5 years ago
BTW I've sent message for f/u using your form with no response. What's up with that 8-))
Meghan M. Biro
Meghan M. Biro 5 years ago
This is a great post Dino! It was fun meeting you F2F btw :) Talk soon.
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