Triberr for Bloggers

Bloggers need 3 things to survive

  • Traffic
  • Content
  • Money

Triberr exists to meet those three basic needs.


If you've been blogging for any amount of time, you probably have an existing audience. Perhaps some of those people are loyal readers, checking for new content, commenting on each post and sharing with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. This is your tribe. Wouldn't it be great if you could grow that tribe? Welcome to Triberr!

Triberr is a social network for bloggers. The idea is to find other bloggers who write about the same topics. These writers group up in a tribe. Whenever one blogger writes a post, the others read, comment and share it with their social networks. Triberr does all the heavy lifting of importing everyone's latest content, aggregrating it in an easy to ready news feed, and scheduiling sharing throught the day.

When you tribe up on Triberr, you've got dozens, even hundreds of fellow bloggers sharing your posts on their social networks, driving traffic back to your blog. And you have a stready stream of quality, relevant content to share with your hungry followers as well. Does it get any better?


Every successful blog has one thing in content: great content - and plenty of it. Super blogs publish dozens of posts a day, which is far more than the average blogger can produce. That's why Triberr introduced reblogging.

See a great article on Triberr that you think your audience would love as well? Why not reblog it, sending the full article to your blog in a single click? The original author receives a link back to their blog, and full attribution in the bio box. You get a steady stream of amazing content for your readers to devour without spending all day writing. It's like guest blogging, but much, much easier.


Gone are the days when bloggers needed to show annoying ads, or peddle affiliate links to monetize their content. Today we live in the age of influence, and bloggers are some of the most influential people online.

Triberr's Influencer Marketing platform gives bloggers the opportunity to work with the worlds largest brands and agencies on high end marketing campaigns. This is not the old, "Try a free product and review it" spiel bloggers have dealt with for years. This is true brand ambassadorship. You can be online spokesmen for the brands you love, and you can make a great living doing it.

Triberr is completely free to use. We offer premium memberships for $10/month which gives larger tribes and special features.
Influencer Marketing is a new form of marketing where companies hire influential bloggers to promote and endorse their brand, products or services.

For years, big brands like Nike would hire celebrities like Tiger Woods to endorse their products. These celebrities had tremendous reach and influence through television.

Today, bloggers and social media enthusiasts are the celebrities of the Internet. While a popular blogger may not have the reach of Tiger Woods, hundreds of bloggers working together do.

Triberr's Influencer Marketer campaigns are way for brands to hire large groups of Influencers who can work together to achieve a single brand goal.
Campaigns last 30 days.