Simple and Affordable Content Curation

Discover relevant & timely content to engage your audience.

What is Content Curation?

Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and sharing digital content relevant to your target audience. Quickly sift through the noise on the web monitoring dozens of content sources to find the most engaging pieces to share with your audience.

Triberr Curate saves you time and effort finding and sharing high-quality content using Triberr's curation engine.


Triberr provides a powerful discovery engine that enables you to find content for your audience that is contextual and timely. You can tweak rss or social sources, and keywords, to customize your content streams.


Curate interesting and relevant content to share to your audience across various social accounts. In a matter of minutes, you can fill up your queue for the entire day, week, or month.


Share and promote curated content to all your social media accounts in just one click using the Add to Queue button. Define rules on what content gets shared to which social accounts.

Why Curate Content?

Learn about the many benefits of content curation.

Establish Credibility as a Thought Leader

Curate content from high quality sources helps increase credibility and exposure in your industry.

Promote Content to Audience

Content curation encourages your audience to follow your account for relevant industry updates.

Complement Social Media & Blogging

Content curation complements your social media activity and helps generate discussions with both peers and customers.

Supports Lead Generation

Curated content drives traffic to your site to increase leads or subscribers.

Repurpose Content

Content curation efforts can be repurposed across various channels such as newsletters, brand assets, and discussion boards.

Improve SEO

Content curation can increase your chances of being discovered by search engines.

How It Works

Want to save hours every week?

Step 1

Add specific sites, social accounts, or keyword sources to monitor daily. Organize content sources from around the web into content groups.

Step 2

Triberr constantly monitors the web for updated posts, or share-worthy articles from your content sources for easy curation.

Step 3

Review and identify content that is worth sharing with your audience and let Triberr schedule to your social accounts.

Save Time. Save Money. Share Happy.

Enterprise grade tools for the everyday social marketer.
Simple content curation and scheduling without the hefty price tag.

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